Petitions and More, May 27.

Petitions and More, May 27

 pet2 No to the China, Yulin-event, No to the slaughter of Dogs and Cats for consumption! Confirm please France, No to Horse Slaughter and long transports! Stop (Halal) Slaughter without sedation, stop the prolonged suffering! Stop the Dog-massacre in Romania! Urgent, Oppose the Roundup of Oregon’s Cold Springs Mustangs! ZIP=5 digits

France, no more total gestation caging for female pigs! US-info. Support our Troops and Brave Animals!;jsessionid=77485BEB0989830D78AF2D4C897EC3D5.app322b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6917 US-info. Prevent a Whale-hunt in US waters, no to a Whaling-permit for the Makah tribe ! More No tax reduction on Bullfighting spectacles! NY-US-info only. Help pass TNR Legislation in the NY State Senate!;jsessionid=BBF6CBFB6ECD976454C449668B16BD75.app322b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1717 US-info. Protect our Ocean Fisheries No Arctic drilling! Int. Stop Oil Spills! ZIP=5 digits Italy, for a National Day of the Bear As well, Denmark Also US Fish Populations Climate Change

                   ==========   News and More   ========= Romania One Green Planet


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