Serbia: For Them There Is No Hope After All… They Are Forgotten – Only 4 Days Left To Get Funds.

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We are giving donations to a lot of appeals all the time from our own pockets – we ask for no money on this site; instead that people donate directly to the groups and by pass ourselves.  Sadly many people do not bother to give anything, although a lot of  very small donations add up to a large amount that often meets the appeals need.

We are a volunteer run organisation – self funding even for this sites upkeep; we do not have loads of cash stored away to help every appeal that goes out.

Sadly, when the required funds are not met; the worst happens.  The message in red below is from Lina in her own words.  This is the sad reality of some animal ‘welfare’.  We try to put appeals out well in advance, as this appeal was no exception.  There was very little in the way of support or donations, so now the dogs will be turned back onto the streets probably to be rounded up by the Shinters.

For them there is no hope after all… They are forgotten, rejected … Nobody want to adopt them , nobody want to help them to stay on safe .. After all , they will go to street , right to death…

To donate –

Lina’s Animal Rescue is organisation for animal welfare from Serbia . . We have 23 dogs in small private unfinished shelter, 20 dogs in 2 boarding kennels and 20  kitties in one rescuers home. Funds are desperately needed to pay the boarding kennel fees. We have debt for April 510€  and for May 960€ . We are desperate ,  those dogs can not go again on the street. The life of street dogs everywhere is difficult, but here in Serbia the dog catchers kill them rather than rescue them.Those dogs urgent need help .  Each dog’s boarding fees are 60€ per month ( 40 boarding kennel + 20 food ) .With 20 dogs currently in boarding facilities, the debt is too great to even think about renovating our shelter. They depend only on help from good people.  Please share our story and  donate , this is URGENT APEL ! Thank you !

China: Yulin Dog Eating Festival. Please Act Immediately – Festival Scheduled For 22/6. Sample Letter and Petition Links Given Here.


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Latest 22/6/15 – The Chinese have ignored the world and as usual doing only what they want.  The Yulin festival is currently taking place – thousands of dogs are being slaughtered by these Barbarian back street Chinese dealers.  

For latest news from the BBC click here –

What the Chinese scumbags do to animals

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If our Cameron government does not have the balls to raise the issue, then we will – FREE TIBET !free tibet 3free tibet 2


– we are proudly flying the Tibetan flag in full support for the people of Tibet; as the Chinese have banned the Tibetan flag from being flown in ….. yes, Tibet !!

They (China) do not want the Tibetan flag to be flown anywhere in the World, eradicate it effectively – so we are very proud in supporting the wonderful people of Tibet from the human (and animal) abusers that carry the name of shame – that is ‘China’


D Lama Tibet

yulin dogs

The Yulin dog meat eating festival is due to take place on 22nd June; less than a week from now.  Dogs will be tortured, skinned alive and held waiting for death in cages that will cause them immense suffering – please see the photo above.

There has been a massive international outcry to the Chinese government to stop this slaughter.  The links below provide a way that you can make your voice heard.  A sample letter can also be found below which you can send by e mail to all of the following addresses given.

Together we can work to get this event stopped, but there is now very little time.

Please act immediately and do whatever you can –  thank you – SAV.

E mail the sample letter to: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Mr. President Xi Jinping,

We are hoping that you will take a moment to hear our grave concerns about this horrific tradition, and do the humane thing by saying no to this festival and save the lives of countless dogs that will fall victim to this event – an event that will butcher, skin alive, beat to death etc thousands of innocent dogs and also increase the abduction of strays & pets, and also increase the torturous, inhumane prisons of dog meat farms – which will leave a stain upon the image of your country.

You hold in your hands the power to be a role model for not just your people but for other countries as well, by showing the greatness of a nation and putting all innocent life first and not just the lives of humanity – to finally be considered a compassionate species – not a superior species.

Countless voices are already being raised around the world for animals in need, speaking out and standing up for the voiceless, and it is time for these voices to be heard and acknowledged – that our paws will be seen, and countless others get involved , and we truly hope that you also will be part of helping save life – will you join us?

Please STOP THE YULIN DOG MEAT EATING FESTIVAL, pass along respect and compassion for animals to future generations, and not a stain that will affect them permanently – a stain that will continue to tarnish the human race. Is that the mark you want to leave? Only we can make the choice to change the world – we are the difference that can be made.

We look forward to your response


Your name and nationality.

Petition links:

 yulin 1yulin 2

Report reveals Chinese dog eating as minority activity with widespread support for ban: