UK: Fur Production In Serbia – One To Watch In Future !


SAV have very recently been in contact with Animal buddy Mark (Glover) who operates ‘Respect for Animals’; which like us, is an English organisation.

‘Respect’ deals about the fur trade / industry

– you can see lots more by visiting their site at

About Respect –

We have been informing Mark about the situation with Serbia and EU accession; and the possibility that Serbia could become more involved with fur farming once it becomes an EU member state; picking up from whwere other nations in the EU have eiter stopped or greatly reduced their fur farming establishments.

It is very early days, but we havetold Mark the situation and that Serbia needs to be a nation to watch for fur production in the future.

Mark and Respect have achieved a great forward movement in their work fighting the fur industry, and are the organisation that was pivotal in the UK banning fur production and fur farming.

We know that now Mark and Respect will be keeping watch on Serbia to see if there is any movement there with regard fur farming and fur production.  Obviously as a Serbian focussed campaign group with very many campaigner friens within Serbia; we will also all be watching the situation and will be able to relay information to Respect should it ever become necessary.

As we say in the UK:

It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat

– but only one to wear it !!

UK: ‘BUAV’ (Anti Vivisection), One Of The World’s Oldest Animal Organisations, Now Becomes ‘Cruelty Free International’ To Deal With Global Issues.

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We’ve done it! We’ve changed our name from the BUAV to Cruelty Free International!,3FMCA,A0HRWK,CADWK,1

As you can imagine, this has been a huge decision for us. We are fiercely proud of our history and what we achieved as the BUAV. But the reasons for changing are clear, and we’re absolutely confident that our new name will enable us to increase our impact for animals worldwide.

Many people struggled to understand what ‘BUAV’ stands for or what ‘British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection’ means. We were also frequently misquoted and incorrectly referenced by a range of key audiences, from the media to the public. Sadly this confusion proved a major barrier to securing support.

Cruelty Free International is clearer, simpler and more positive.

It also reflects the work we do all over the world. After all, animal research is not just a British problem – it’s global. And we have been working internationally for years.

With a name that demonstrates this, we can better engage with potential supporters, governments and other key audiences we need to build relationships with.

Our vision remains the same: to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.

Our new name will help us realise that vision by bringing about a significant change in the number of people who support our movement – whether donors, campaigners, shoppers, companies, politicians or the media.

It will enable us to build on the successes of the past and meet the challenges of the future.

Cruelty Free International Trust

Our sister organisation, the BUAV Charitable Trust, has now become Cruelty Free International Trust.

Your support

There is no need to make any changes to how you support us. Existing direct debits, gifts in Wills and Gift Aid declarations and are not affected, as we’re still the same organisation (please note Gift Aid only applies to Cruelty Free International Trust).

However, if you would like to discuss any of this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0) 20 7700 4888 or

This is such an exciting moment for everyone involved with Cruelty Free International and our movement.

Together, we can achieve great things for animals.

Best wishes
Michelle Thew
Chief Executive

PS We have refreshed our website to create a much more user-friendly site that will appeal to a wider audience –check it out and let us know what you think!




Serbia Is Taking the Front Post On The Site – But We Are Still Covering Other International Issues.

We are an organisation founded primarily to help the animals of Serbia – and so we are devoting main post time and attention to this as at the moment things are rather critical re legislation changes.

You can catch up with all the events re Serbia campaigning by clicking on the ‘Home’ tab at the top of the page and the simply scrolling down.

We are also still publishing other (non Serbian) posts – but these are not taking the prime spot at the moment.

But you can view these – just scroll down a little until you see ‘Recent Posts’ on the very right hand side.  Select any recent post listed to view it.

We have articles on China, South Korea, the USA, plus a Time Out which gives you some music links to enjoy – we all need some time out to get away from all the cruelty sometimes !

Thanks – SAV.





USA: Gray Wolf Killed in Colorado – Protect Them, Do NOT Destroy !


DOW June


I am a BIG wolf supporter and have just made a donation to help DoW continue with their vital woek.  Can you help with a donation to preserve this beautiful animal ? – please give anything you can.. The US should be proud of their wolves; specialist wildlife; it must not be destroyed !

Please give anything you can – Thanks – Mark (SAV Founder)

 Is this not the most amazing sound – Protect Them !!   


Dear Mark,

It’s with a heavy heart that we report that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has now confirmed that the animal killed by a hunter in Colorado on April 29th was indeed a gray wolf.

As with any killing of an endangered species, FWS is investigating the shooting – so far, it is believed that the shooter misidentified the wolf as a coyote. Defenders fully supports this investigation.

This is the third confirmed wolf to disperse to Colorado from the Northern Rockies since wolves were reintroduced there in the 1990s. Wolves have also dispersed on their own to California, Arizona and Utah from the Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. It’s a lesson that left on their own, wolves can fill in the blank spots on the map where suitable wolf habitat remains empty.

This incident also reinforces the critical need for continued federal protections for gray wolves. Removing federal protections would make it less likely that wolves would be able to establish new packs in areas outside their current range, essentially halting wolf recovery into western Colorado in its tracks.

Our job, yours and ours, is to give these magnificent animals the protection they need and deserve – and then to let nature take its course.

Defenders of Wildlife leads the nation in the fight for sensible wolf conservation. Won’t you chip in?


Jamie Rappaport Clark
President, Defenders of Wildlife







Time Out 1/6/15

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China: Stop Animal / Human Abusing China Winning the Olympics Again.



free tibet 3


Stop China winning the Olympics again

China will see hosting the Olympic Games again as a signal that the world doesn’t care about Tibet.

Please sign this urgent petition and tell the International Olympics Committee to reject Beijing.

Beijing is one of only two cities competing to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. If it were to win the Games, it would be the first city ever to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing saw worldwide attention on Tibet, with daring stunts by Tibet campaigners and enormous controversy resulting from China’s brutal suppression of the Tibetan uprising in March 2008.

When it awarded the Games to China in 2001, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) claimed that the Olympics would improve human rights in China. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since then, repression has deepened in Tibet and in China itself, the government is more intolerant of free speech and opposition to its rule than ever before.

 free tibet 4

The IOC must not reward China for repression by giving it the Olympic Games again. More than 175 Tibet groups across the globe have joined forces to oppose Beijing’s bid. Please sign the global petition now and demand that the IOC rejects China’s bid.

The decision will be made in less than two months. Please sign the petition now and ask your friends and family do so too. 

Find out more about this campaign here

free tibet fire

free tibet 2

South Korea: Demand Justice Petition For 600+ Cats Boiled Alive.

South Kores



Target: South Korean President Geun-Hye Park and Minister of Justice Kyo-Ahn Hwang

Goal: Ensure that the man accused of boiling 600 live cats is held accountable for his actions.

Busan Bukbu Police arrested 54-year-old “Mr. A” on charges of capturing and slaughtering 600 live stray cats, which is a violation of South Korea’s Animal Protection Act. Mr. A was suspected of capturing the cats by luring them into traps with food and then slaughtering them in a secret, remote location in another province for over a year. The helpless cats were reportedly forced into large containers of boiling water and were essentially cooked to death. Mr. A would remove their fur and sell the organs to a “Health Food Center,” where customers purchased them for supposed health benefits.

During the raid at Mr. A’s slaughterhouse, 18 cats were discovered locked in a crate and waiting to be killed. Mr. A has admitted to boiling, killing and selling over 600 stray cats, which seems like an unfathomably high number, but the police explained that there is a high demand for cat soup due to a niche belief that the soup cures or alleviates symptoms of arthritis.

Unfortunately, although Mr. A has been arrested, the “Health Food Center” that bought the cats’ organs will go unpunished. This is because there are no laws to stop these types of organizations from reselling the cats to the public.

However, Mr. A will be charged for violating the provision in the Animal Protect Act, which prohibits the act of killing an animal by inhumane methods. Please sign this petition to ensure that Mr. A will be punished to the highest degree of South Korean law for cruelly boiling live stray cats if he’s found guilty.


Dear President Geun-Hye Park and Minister Kyo-Ahn Hwang

Mr. A was arrested for boiling 600 live stray cats and selling their organs to a “Health Food Center” in another province. There is a belief in South Korea that cat soup can cure or alleviate symptoms of arthritis, but consuming them does more harm than good. Unlike livestock animals such as pigs and cattle, cats are not managed for sanitation and parasites in cats are more likely to be transferred to humans.

Aside from the actual health risk of consumption, the manner in which Mr. A allegedly slaughtered these innocent cats is shockingly cruel. According to the Animal Protection Act, it is against the law to kill an animal inhumanely. Every animal deserves justice. I urge you to make sure that Mr. A is severely punished for the torture and slaughter of hundreds of cats if he’s found guilty.


[Your Name Here]