Australia: Israeli ‘Hell Hole’ Slaughterhouse Used For Australian Live Exports Shut Down By Israeli Authorities After AA Undercover Investigation.


If not for our hidden cameras, Australia’s live export industry would probably be calling Israel’s biggest slaughterhouse a ‘success story’. People might even believe our Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce when he bleats about the live export assurance system … ‘working’.

Instead, thanks to an Animals Australia investigation, we’ve exposed the truth, and this hellhole for animals has been shut down — indefinitely.

While the Australian department of Agriculture promised to ‘investigate’ our ‘allegations’ — Israeli authorities acted on our evidence without hesitation. Israel’s biggest abattoir — once the scene of horrific, wanton cruelty — is today a silent, empty building, with no frightened animals in sight.

This significant outcome graphically reinforces once again the importance of investigations. It’s a simple fact that the one thing that Australian live exporters fear most is Animals Australia. They fear the calibre of our investigators; our relentless determination to expose the truth — and they fear you, Mark, and your support of our work.

Together we have shown the industry and government that we are a formidable force, and that we will not rest until live animal export is rightly declared a crime — not befitting any nation’s participation, especially our own.

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Mark, thousands of Animals Australia supporters have recently called on our Government to end its support for the cruel live export trade. Thank you for being one of them!

Your efforts are having an impact. Because people like you, more and more MPs are now taking a stand in Parliament.

Thank you so much for being a voice for animals,

Lyn White AM

Campaign Director

P.S. From the other side of the world, caring Israelis are standing united with caring Australians in calling for an end to live exports.

Get inspired by these pictures from a recent protest in Tel Aviv!

 israel live export demo

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