Nosferatu, Banshees, Irate Caterpillars and Animal Petitions.


Something kind of ‘weird’ from the UK around 1979/80’ ish.  One of my favourite tracks by a brilliant vocalist – Hugh Cornwell – ex Stranglers front man.  Played this all the time – a real hit with my friends – weird ?, well yes, probably; but then we were at the time !!.  ‘Nosferatu’ – a great album.  It was the time of Siouxsie Sioux etc – the best of British ‘different’ music at the time – Mark.

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The other night I chanced upon an irate caterpillar

He was irate he had a darting face

Crinkled with old forms Appendage arms spread out fanlike glancing

His string noise boxes

The rest were a howling wolf

Afraid to be left upright against sleeping forte

Calling to the caterpillar

Throughout the time span

Wanting to be fed wanting attention Wanting waiting full of tension

They don’t crowd the spiderlike object

They didn’t object at least not many

Just waiting for the next creak

From his aching limbs to reach their brains through

Cup-like objects stuck on the sides of their heads

No-one joked no-one spoke

They became embarrassed and planted contempt

Under their haunches

When the caterpillar rested

His appendages ummed

His appendages arred

But not connecting with

The string noise boxes

And… They…all just gazed

‘Nosferatu’ is a great album; if different !

‘Wrong way round’ and ‘Puppets’:

The late Ian Dury puts in a cameo, as the Ring Master in” Wrong Way Round” “Ere she is, ere she is, the one you`ve all bin waitin for”!!

The Clash (London Calling) sing backing vocals on ‘Puppets’

‘London Calling’ – The Clash: a classic album of its time

 s sioux

Siouxsie and the Banshees – ‘Shadowtime’ – she is from ‘Kent’ where we are – a super Kent girl !

‘Dazzle’ –

More recent from Hugh – ‘Going to the City’:

With Brilliant Caz Campbell on Bass.

Bring on Gothic and alternative music – they were good times !!

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Various animal petitions to sign up to:

Thank You – SAV.