Serbia: June 2015 – Things have reached a very critical situation at shelter ‘Alex’.

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Come on folks, please donate anything you can – even 1 Euro; it makes a huge difference.  This facility is too good to close down, as it has over 500 dogs in its care.  It needs funds – we have got the ball rolling today – please give anything using the secure site – first link below – Thank You.

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To donate and see lots more, please click on the following:

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June 2015 – Things have reached a very critical situation at shelter ‘Alex’.

If you can help this dog shelter which has been running for years to help animals around the Subotica region, then please do so.  It does not matter the size of your donation – anything at all will help with the dailt costs.

Andrea, who is a volunteer at the shelter, sends the following plea for help:

Today, things have escalated in shelter “Alex” to the point where the only person who runs the shelter has no strength to run it anymore and is willing to surrender it to other people.  The pressure comes from another which is getting lots of support.

The shelter is full. No matter how hard we try to advertise the shelter, to share our dogs, to introduce other people with the work of the shelter, and publish each donation we receive to be as transparent as possible, simply it doesn’t go. There is no money.

Alex, with kind heart helps the dog, but in vain. Nobody else steps in with a minimum donation or a can of food, or to provide a ride to the vet or provide a temporary home for a dog. Nobody helps. Adrijana and Dragan kill themselves from all the work they do during winter and summer, hot and cold temperatures, rain and sun, while I only maintain the fb page of the shelter.

There are 500 dogs at the shelter.

In shelter “Alex” there are dogs who have been saved going back to 2003 and they are still alive.  Everybody is welcomed in the shelter “Alex”. People can come and see the dogs, pet them, take them for a walk.

At this present time things are extremely difficult. Adrijana has helped at the shelter for many years but she is now finding it almost impossible to continue as financial donations are few and far between; yet the animals need to be cared for – veterinary costs, food costs, shelter maintenance costs, etc, etc.

Without Adrijana or more help with donations, the fate of all the animals at the shelter is uncertain.  Please somebody help!! – give anything that you can to help, please; we do not know what more we can do than to simply ask people if they can help the shelter with a donation of any size – THANK YOU.

Andrea Sreiber

Volunteer at shelter “Alex”

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About the shelter:

It is currently run by a lady named Adriana Nadj; this has been the case since 2010. She acts alone with big help by her boyfriend – that is great, but very difficult.

It was the first ‘no kill’ dog shelter in Serbia, founded in 2003. So this shelter has a long history and was involved with the original formation of SAV in England.  As you can see from the following links, the shelter and SAV go back many years.  In the earler days the shelter was run by Slavica, who is part of team SAV.  When it was operated by Slavica, the shelter was known as ‘EPAR’.  Here you can see some early SAV post links to the shelter when it was EPAR:

Things have not been easy for the shelter; in 2010 city officials attempted to gain access to the shelter in order to take the dogs so that they could all be killed.

Links –

The shelter has a historically important meaning for Serbia. There have been up to 1000 stray dogs living there in the past; some of which were re-homed and some which died at the shelter by natural death.

There are currently around 500 dogs at the shelter.

The shelter was opened on 18.01.2003.

At the time, Subotica legally permitted euthanasia of dogs and on Fridays, people could bring their dogs to be euthanized for free. The shelter couldn’t allow this, so people from the shelter took those dogs and carried them to the shelter instead. This was the first no-kill shelter in Serbia. Its goal is protection of animals and the environment.

The shelter covers the area of 12000m2 + an additional land of app. 3600m2 next to the shelter which Adrijana received as a gift to expend the shelter.

As both SAV and Serbian campaigners have always spoken out iat length about sterilisation of animals (strays and owned animals); ALL the animals under the care of the shelter have been spayed and neutered.

A large number; approximately 70% of the dogs, are old (some having been under the care of the shelter since 2003/2004). Old dogs often lose control of their legs or suffer from an illness of some internal organ; and so the vets are regularly called on to help – and this costs money all the time.

The shelter does not have sponsors to cover medical costs. It is now looking for donations and / or sponsors to help with daily operating costs.

Small boxes at the shelter contain up to six dogs grouped by personality, to prevent fights. Dogs are also spread across six fields, also grouped by personality, around 10-20 dogs are on the fields. Each field also has a small pond. There are covered boxes, which contain dogs known for attempting to jump over the box walls. The small boxes and the fields require repair of old covers and installation of new covers, to provide shade.

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Since it was originally founded, the shelter has helped thousands of dogs, having rescued, adopted and treated them. Dogs will only be adopted out after a mandatory inspection of its potential new home. Adoption is not possible if the owner intends to keep the dog on a chain. Adoption also comes with a mandatory contract. In the case of any dog being found to be in inadequate conditions, the dog is taken back into the shelter. The owner is also permitted to return the dog to the shelter at any time if there are reasons that they cannot continue to have the animal.

The shelter is funded exclusively by donations, which are neither regular or reliable. The City of Subotica currently only provides a free garbage dumpster and provides nothing in the way of financial help, even though the shelter is doing the city a big help by taking dogs from the streets.

The shelter also purchased a van to carry food three times a week from a nearby factory, and the fuel costs vary between 8000 and 10000 RSD. Electricity costs are around 15000 RSD per month.  The shelter requires building materials, cleaning supplies, food (granules and canned food, salami, bread, etc), blankets, fleas/ticks

products and money to cover the vet costs, bills, etc.


For foreign donations:
“Alex Subotica”
Titogradska 53, Subotica, Serbia
IBAN : RS35160005400001012292
or via paypal/credit card:  

Here are a few recent links so that you can see the work that is being done to help animals:

So, after having hopefully given you an insight into the opertions of te shelter, all we kindly ask is if you would consider giving a donation; no matter how small, to help with the operating costs of the shelter.

Here at SAV, we do not like to keep asking supporters for financial help; but the situation (as you can see) of trying to help around 500 dogs is a very costly one.

Please give anything that you can;

Thank you very much.  SAV

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