Twyla Francois Art.

Although I do not really use Twitter anywhere as much as I should; I had an e mail come in today informing me that a lady named Twyla Francois was now following me on Twitter.

So by pure chance, I decided to look a bit deeper; and was very pleasantly surprised at what I came upon.

It turns out that Twyla has dedicated her life’s work to being an animal advocate in many different ways; Twyla is also a great artist, which she uses to raise awareness on the plight of today’s farmed animals in a more gentle, but hopefully equally compelling, way.

Find out more about Twyla at!bio/cjg9

You can view her excellent work by visiting this page of her site; and if you scroll over any of the images you will find write ups by Twyla on the inspiration for the artwork or some general words on the subject matter.

You can visit and have a look at much of Twyla’s work via the following link  –

I was very pleasantly surprised to have firstly had a notification that Twyla was following me on Twitter and then to see her art website and all the past and current work she is doing to help and save animals.

As everything Twyla shows in her art is based on a great many issues of animals and the cruelty inflicted on them; I very much would suggest that you visit her site when you have the chance.

Regards Mark.