Serbia: Chantal’s Story – From Danica at Shelter ‘Felix’.

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Above – Chantal today – a beautiful cat full of life; very different to the little kitten in October.

We have no idea of where or when Chantal was born, or how she ended up on the street all alone; what we do know is that she was found lying motionless near the pavement, most probably hit by a car.

She was the embodiment of utter despair, a tiny and seemingly hopeless creature with filthy, matted fur and wide terrified eyes that was totally unable to get up.

Her first X ray scan showed that she had a fracture of her right femoral head and all of us were puzzled to see that she was still able to put weight on her right rear leg, yet she was dragging the other one, so another X-ray scan needed to be taken and it turned out that she had a broken spine as well. Someone even mentioned putting her down, but we wanted to try and give her another chance, regardless of how slim it was, so we put her in the cage; she was being given painkillers together with vitamin B complex every day and we all just waited to see what would happen next.

Fortunately, even though her vertebrae were broken, the spinal cord remained unharmed and she promptly began to walk – staggering, stumbling and falling but she walked. A stroke of good luck in her life (which had been miserable so far) was that she befriended a healthy kitten we’d taken in around the same time. Slightly a little younger than she was, her new friend quickly became her therapist, her strength and the force that pushed her forward.

In just a couple of weeks, with huge help of her little pal, Chantal managed to beat all odds and emerged a winner 🙂 She keeps improving by the day, she is already capable of climbing onto the bed and she spends most of her time doing more or less everything a healthy kitten would do – she’s playing with cat toys, defending her place in a cat tunnel she’s proclaimed to be hers, wrestling with her kitty friends and her days are finally full of joy.

She is not filthy and pitiable anymore; her long hair is shiny, sleek and soft and she’s already showing what a gorgeous, luxurious furred beauty she will become when she grows up.

At such a tender age she was forced to endure something that no cat, much less a kitten should have to go though in a lifetime, but she fought like hell and she won because at least sometimes “fortune favors the brave”.


Any donation to help, feed and keep the cats warm this winter; – please visit:

Below – Chantal’s first visit to the vet, in early October…







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