Serbia: 22/4/16 – RIP Repic – A Wonderful Tribute From Danica.

Serbian  Flag


Repic rainbow

Repic is gone.

His story has pretty much been told but he deserves another one, the story of a beautiful, complicated and vigilant kitty boy with astonishing persistence, boundless courage and a heart of gold.

We want him to be remembered not as a broken, exhausted skinny creature that spent weeks fighting a losing battle with fading strength, but as the little distant yet adored shimmering star of our hearts he has always been. And he is getting his new story now, as soon as we’ve managed to pull ourselves together, the story of utter devotion, desperate hope, pure bravery, crushed dreams and eternal love.

The first few months of his sadly too short life were horrific, painted with fear and suffering and though he miraculously maintained his innate sweetness, he also became forever marked with the knowledge that pure evil exists. Oh yes, he was cuddly and affectionate back then when he was first taken off the streets, he was ready to give and receive love, but over the course of the following years something went wrong.

His fragile trust in humans was somehow betrayed again and he matured into a watchful, circumspect and reserved kitty boy, rather standoffish and adamant not to let anyone invade his personal space. However, he seemed to be happy here, living the kind of life he had chosen a long time ago and no one questioned his reasons for being wary – he was accepted just as he was.

Things were going at a regular slow pace until an almost routine vet evaluation of Repic’s condition a month ago, when we got a detailed insight into his health issues which shook us to the core. We were flabbergasted and horrified when we finally learned the truth about the consequences of the eye injury he suffered as a youngster and we suddenly realized he had never been authentically reserved and sedate – he was unwell. Extremely unwell. Unwell to the point that his life was at risk.

He fought with all of his might, we supported him every step of the way and the vet did everything that could be done and then some. None of us were ready to give up on our brave little fighter, not even when we all knew only a miracle could save him.

Twinkling through the deepest darkness, there was that tiny spark of hope that the impossible could happen if we fought long enough, strong enough, brave enough… And if it couldn’t happen, if a miracle didn’t occur, at least our courageous furry warrior would lose the battle of his life with all guns blazing.

After weeks of hopeless struggle, Repic had had enough. He must’ve been too tired, too weakened and too exhausted to see the point of holding on any longer. Maybe he saw the rainbow and felt that the time had come to cross into the light, maybe he knew he could leave with no fear as our love would be his shield wherever he soared. Maybe now he’s came to realize just how much he enriched our lives and has gotten to understand how he will carry on in every beat of our hearts. Maybe he has always known that goodbyes are not forever.

This is not a farewell, this is until we meet again.

So spread your wings and fly past the sun, sweet Repic, you’re finally free and there’re no limits anymore.
Those who leave behind a sparkling trail of glitter will never be forgotten.




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