USA: Petition to Stop Alligator ‘Wrestling’ in Florida – Please Sign

Although a dying attraction, the state of Florida still allows “Man VS Gator” wrestling to take place. The activity is just as it sounds — people take on live alligators in a live match for entertainment purposes. And the reality is the men are the only actual willing parties involved in this game, leaving the alligators to suffer.

While not all men use the same techniques when wrestling, all matches seem to generally repeat the same pattern: man drags gator to center of ring, jumps on it’s back and attacks until the animal loses consciousness. Many times, people use sticks to torment the animals or get a rise out of them. Getting an alligator to show his or her teeth to the crowd is always an added bonus.

Does this type of event sound appealing to you? Several feel it is time to put this decades-old tradition to rest for good.

Not only is the process unbelievably cruel to the animals involved, the idea of taking on a live alligator poses a huge threat for all people involved — wrestler and audience.

If you want to see an end to this form of “entertainment,”

sign this petition to ban alligator wrestling in Florida





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