Germany: Very Positive Anti Fur Demonstrations At Store Selling Fur Garments.


Germany is currently running a campaign against fur.

It is organized by “Deutsches Tierschutzbüro” and aims to force the department store “Breuninger” to be fur free. This department store is quite noble and has several branches throughout Germany.

On 21st and 22nd November the activists also came to my city.  They told it me by mail and I said I would be there, even though I did not belong to this organization.
From the photos one can see that it was a good, strong action.
Therefore, the acceptance in the society was very big, many people hugged me and wished “keep it up, we need you” !!

We had four journalists from four different media.


Above – A journalist (Red) interviews a campaigner (Blue)


And they were not only there; but they also reported on the action via media outlets.

All those who have experience with such actions know that the most important thing is talking to people.
The 8,000 flyers we distributed are no guarantee that we have convinced the same amount of people against fur.
But most of them have sought the dialogue while reading the flyer, and that is positive for me.
Campaigns (unlike to demos) have the goal of putting a particular company under pressure to force it to refrain from its bloody business. This goal can only be achieved if we go public and get the support of society.
Therefore, there is also a petition in support of the campaign.

Not real animals – but a display of (mock) fur bearing animals.


When the police came to tell us on Wednesday, November 22nd, that the department store was complaining against the loud speaker, a lot of people were around us and started scolding the police: “Let the activists be in peace, we need them, they do something good” said some.

That’s where politics starts, and I think you have to go out on the streets again, take action, come to the old forms of persuasion and education that used to be successfully practiced many years ago by political parties.

I firmly believe that animal welfare should become a political debate, and we can achieve that only if we mobilize the masses against the politicians who are responsible for crime and exploitation against animals.


The store – ‘Breuninger’ which sells fur

The campaign is not over yet, it’s still running in other cities and in December we’ll be back “on the streets” in my city for two days!

And the first success is already there: In Stuttgart, after our action, the department store “Breuninger” removed all fur parts from its show window.

Best Regards to all


Petition – Please Sign



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