England: Joan.


One of our great campaigners in both the fight against live animal transport and hunting (she was a hunt sab) has very recently passed away.

Her name was Joan and she lived at Dover, on the Kent coast; a place which has seen so many live animal exports over so many years.

Thanks to the vigilance and tenacity of campaigners like Joan, we have now reached a point where UK live animal exports are down to virtually nothing; animals are not enduring the endless hours of suffering cramped in the back of trucks in all weathers.  A far cry from the old days back in the 90’s when on any Friday night between 8pm and midnight anyone could sadly witness 30+ animal transporters taking their juvenile cargoes to mainland Europe for slaughter or for incarceration in the barbaric veal crates of France and the Netherlands.


Live animal transporters arrive at Dover harbour – Photo: Mark.

Joan was a fighter; always there to stand with you and give support on those endlessly long nights at the docks in the warmth of summer or the bitterly cold winters, where you were soaked, frozen and carved in two by those bitterly cold winds that used to come straight off the English Channel.  Joan was so often there to share conversation and have a laugh – something that was always needed in those very depressing days and nights.

Joan’s other great animal ‘thing’ was defending animals that were being hunted.  Often she would join up with local ‘sabs’ to be as supportive and disruptive as she could be.


The picture here shows Joan with my dog ‘Golda’ at one of the endless demonstrations against the live animal export trade from Dover port.  I took this shot one Saturday afternoon maybe four or five years ago; she loved my Golda and my Golda loved her – I think Golda is smiling at the camera ?

Well another dedicated animal campaigner now gone, but forever in our thoughts.

I am sure that from the good place she will have gone to, she will be passing round all the latest news to friends lost – informing them about the demise of the live export trade and the latest on the fight to keep hunting in the history books where it belongs.

RIP Joan and thanks for being such a kind, compassionate and gentle person.  Your presence will be missed; but as always, you with live on in our hearts and memories as someone who did so much for the animals.

Mark x.