Serbia: Felix Shelter Kitties (and a dog !).

Serbian  Flag


felix cartoon 2


Warm hearts beat the cold


Trying to improve our winter mood 😉


It’s getting cold at night…


Hello, world! 🙂


How many of you are in this photo?

All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help; especially to keep them both warm and fed during these cold winter months.

Thank you !

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England: Battersea Dogs Home – What Is Happening This Christmas.


A few videos about some of the celebrities and well known UK organizations who will be making this Christmas something special for the animals at Battersea dogs home in central London:

Click on the following link and watch many videos – each link will show several videos one after another – we hope all about the dogs home !.

Click on the following link for the Battersea web site –

Battersea at Brands (another section of the London facility) is in Kent county (home of SAV !) and just down the road from the very famous motor racing circuit.

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UK: For UK Residents Only – Help The LACS Fight The Dogfighters. Write To The Home Secretary Using The Draft Letter Provided.

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dogfighting LACS

Picture – LACS.

LACS Website =  for all campaign details.

This action is very much aimed at supporters in the UK only, as the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) are asking UK residents to mail (via their site link) the UK Home Secretary Theresa May regarding the issue of dog fighting; which still illegally goes on here. 

The following is a link to the LACS site and a sample letter which you can submit once you have provided details such as your name and address.

Link to LACS letter to Theresa May:

A new report commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports shows that, despite being illegal for over 150 years there is still a dog fight going on somewhere in the UK every day. 

Dog fighting is incredibly cruel. Organised dog fights can last up to five hours with horrific injuries sustained by the animals involved. Those that don’t die during the fight are often patched up using crude methods including supergluing torn ears or stapling wounds closed.

Cruel training methods involve putting a smaller ‘bait’ animal – often a cat or a rodent – just out of reach for hours whilst the dog strains against a tether. Eventually, the tether is removed and the dog set on the bait.

Dog fighting is one of the most barbaric forms of animal abuse that still takes place in the UK. It should have been confined to history alongside bear baiting and cockfighting, yet it still takes place every day.   

You can make a difference by contacting the Home Secretary Theresa May asking her to take action on dog fighting.

Simply fill in your details and you will be taken through to a template letter.






England: Beautiful, Well Priced and Non Animal Tested Smellies From ‘Bomb Cosmetics’ (UK) – Have A Look Here At The Fantastically Unusual Range.


Still looking for a special present for the girl in your life ?

– or maybe a bloke ? – check out all the fantastic products made by Bomb cosmetics here in England, UK.

Take it from us, these soaps and bath blasters etc are just superb !!. They smell absolutely amazing and arrive beautifully gift wrapped if you select from any of the range shown in the first link below.

We love the quirky Christmas themes as everything is handmade and so cool and different to the usual soaps and bath smellies that you can buy.

We are giving these out to many family and friends as presents this Christmas. And one thing that is essential to us is the stance associated with non animal testing.

Bomb have a very strict ‘no animal testing’ policy which you can read from the statements taken from their site below.

Believe us, these cosmetics are just amazing – we already have several packs arrived at the house with more on order; the whole house just smells so fantastic and fresh and wonderful from the scent just coming from each of the boxes – amazing ! – you wont want to give them away as they make your house smell so beautiful !

For late orders, you can also order via suppliers such as Amazon; Amazon Prime orders will arrive within two days maximum – just type in ‘Bomb Cosmetics’ at the search to see the huge range.

So go for them, you will certainly not be disappointed – amazing products at a very good and competitive price – and without any cruelty to animals.

A win – win situation all round.

Treat your lady or man to something superb this year at a great price – Go Bomb Cosmetics UK.

The Bomb policy on:

Animal Testing

Animals shouldn’t suffer because we choose to take these little pleasures in life. We ensure that none of our suppliers test our ingredients on animals by committing to a fixed cut off date policy in line with major animal right groups recommendations.

We never will and never have tested our finished products on animals. We will support raw material manufacturers who fund alternative methods of testing the raw materials we buy.

Our commitment to animal rights and the protection of our environment are commitments we take very seriously.

Hand Made Soaps

Our soaps are all made by hand in our own factory by hand. Each block is poured by hand, and then sliced by hand. All the shapes you see in the slices are made of soap and they are made by hand too. We use the finest quality ingredients and essential oils to make our soaps. They all contain Glycerine (from Palm oil) (see more below) which is proven to lock moisture into the skin, meaning our soaps moisturise while gently cleansing your skin. They are very mild, having a pH of around 7 which is neutral. Our soaps contain the very finest perfume oils which means they leave your bathroom smelling fantastic, even when they are not being used. Why not treat yourself and find out how good they really are?

IMPORTANT – 11/12/15 – Palm Oil – Today Mark has spoken with Bomb regarding the use of Palm Oil in their soaps.  He explained his position as founder of SAV and the fact that we have campaigned against forest destruction to make way for new oil production areas.  Bomb have assured us that as per their ‘Animal Testing’ statement above (red), they are completely against using any supplier who is involved with forest destruction and the problems this brings with orangutans and environmental destruction etc.  When necessary, currently existing trees that are used by their oil supplier are automatically replaced with new stock at the same site; thus ever preventing more forest areas being taken up.

Check out a few more questions on non animal testing and vegan produce at

Bomb Web links:

Gift packs wrapped –

Fragrance Finder –

– then further select from this link to view more – Citrus, Perfumed, Sensual etc.

Have a look at some of the best sellers –