England: Wishing You All A Happy And Positive Year In 2016.


Well it is the night of December 30th 2015 and I am sitting here in a very mild but very rainy Kent, England; thinking about the past year and what 2016 has in store for all of us involved with the welfare of animals.

At first, I viewed 2015 as a rather negative one for positive movement in animal welfare across the globe.  But as I delved a little deeper into the abyss; I have to openly admit that we have seen some truly great events this year (2015).  2016 will be even more massive and positive for all of us; I already have that gut feeling within me.  Teamwork is the thing that shines through in many of the victories this year; and so we must continue to work together in the future to make the biggest of impacts in whatever issue(s) we are dealing with.

Everything in the way of any specific campaign is not cured, sorted and put to bed overnight, despite our want.  Campaigns go on for many years sometimes; but with the wonders of modern communication and the ability to beam news around the world and to each other within a few seconds; we are witnessing a very positive step forward for informing the world about the cruelties which still exist in the animal abusing world.  We must use this new ability of quick and mass communication contacting to keep each other informed of where we can support and help each other.

Despite the atrocities which still affect and upset us all, we have to look back at the superb improvements which have taken place over the past year or more and use these as a route for continuation and even more progression into 2016.

I am a personal huge supporter of, and massive admirer of Jill (Robinson) at ‘Animals Asia’.


They have undertaken so many superb bear rescues this year from the disgusting bile farms of the far East; and now provide a sanctuary of security and love for over 40 bears which they have rescued this year alone.  We have tried to cover much of this on this site whenever possible.

Earlier this year I made personal contacts with Jill in the hope of setting up a section of Animals Asia within Serbia.  This was not to do with any bear rescue, but was intended to be more directly targeted at stray animals; an area in which AA do have a lot of experience.  It did not happen in the end as Jill kindly and very reluctantly informed me that the large financial undertaking to get this kind of thing off the ground was really needed for all the bears that had been rescued in the East this year.  I fully understood and accepted this – AA was founded by Jill for the saving of bears from bile farms; that is what they do best and that is what they must continue to do first and foremost.  I still am a huge supporter of their work and encourage everyone to back them with all of their work to save the bile bears.  In summary, we looked at strays in Serbia; but it was decided that ex bile farm bears in the far East were the number one issue for Animals Asia.  I understand the situation entirely and I will continue to ensure that we show as much of their (AA) work to rescue bears on this site as we can in the future – and Jill; well she is just one heck of a brilliant lady – she has my full and utter respect in all that she does.




Moving to Romania located here in Europe, Carmen; another brilliant lady, has been working endlessly as a major voice for stray animals there; particularly working at EU level with the full help and support of people such as the President of the Intergroup for Animal Welfare, and EU  MEP Janusz Wojciechowski.



In only the last few days we now hear of a superb future facility which may provide a safe and secure home for many Romanian strays, until they can possibly be fostered out to new homes across Europe.

Please see our very recent post on this exciting new concept – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2015/12/29/romania-exciting-news-about-a-new-project-to-save-the-nations-stray-animals/


serb sheep 2

We (SAV) were originally founded as a campaign group to fully expose the terrible treatment of, and to attempt to make better the lives of stray animals within Serbia.  This is something we have been attempting for the past eleven years; but it is extremely difficult working with a (Serbian) government and authorities who really are only keen on looking after themselves rather than the dogs and cats that wander their streets.  This combined with the fact that they never make or respond to any communication with us only makes things more difficult.  We have seen their reactions to the animal welfare campaigners when we looked into the export of what turned out to be Serbian sheep earlier this year.  They denied everything; and when we kept on pressing for answers; they made threats that they would close down some of the animal rescue shelters:


How we ask are you really supposed to move forward with national stray reduction programmes when you are not listened to when submitting proposals; whilst at the same time being threatened with animal shelter closures when you ask questions; which in the case of the exported sheep, actually turn out to be true ! – see the above link for more on this.

This particular site is now covering many more international events; but you can be sure that in the background, Slavica and Vesna are constantly working hard within Serbia to provide the government with evidence of their wrongdoings; and to take them to task whenever they fail – which is virtually constantly ! – change for animal welfare in Serbia has to come from within Serbia itself; and so this is why Serbian campaigners are pushing their own government whilst we stand on the sidelines and pick up with many other international issues.

Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands is doing great for girl power and making a lot of inroads into work exposing the transportation of live EU animals to Turkey as well as greatly improving and advising on better slaughterhouse conditions there; as well as all her great work of the same in Europe.  Here is another girl who has my utter respect and admiration.





Moving back to Serbia; we have now almost 1,200 members on our SAV Facebook site –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/SerbianAnimalsVoice/  –  with help and appeals going out all the time by loads of groups who are requesting help and informing us of their brilliant work to save animals; especially the strays of Serbia.

alex logo


Dog shelter Alex and cat shelter Felix (both in Serbia) are continuing with their excellent work to save animals from the streets.







There are far too many of our posts to repeat them all here, but if you wish to see more then type either ‘Alex’ or ‘Felix’ into our Search box at the top right to get a full list of all the posts; which you can then review at your leisure.

What else ? – we are working with many USA national groups to stop the unnecessary slaughter of wolves, coyote and other animals across the Western states especially:




The protection of the wildlife of the USA is a big hit of mine ever since I made many tips to the USA West coast many years ago – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2014/12/16/introducing-project-coyote-usa/

I love Coyote, wolves and others; the USA has all the beautiful animals, and in my opinion, the only thing they should ever be ‘shot’ with is visitors cameras by people who respect what they are witnessing, not guns of any kind !


Project Coyote logo

Zapping back here to the UK, we are being a real pain in the governments backside when it comes to the issue of hunting.  The UK banned hunting with hounds over 10 years ago; and despite attempts and promises by PM Cameron to amend the legislation so that hunting may return; the British public, with some great campaigning by groups such as the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) is witnessing the numbers of public opposed to hunting on the increase all the time.




We are fortunate in having the full support of many good celebrities when it comes to being a voice against hunting, including Dave Spikey, Ricky Gervais and the brilliant ex Queen guitarist Dr. Brian May:  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2010/12/08/uk-dr-brian-may-queen-guitarist-tells-why-he-has-to-speak-for-the-animals/


Brian May Badgers

I have not forgotten the brilliant work of Mercy for Animals in the USA; but could go on forever giving you endless links and post reports of all the issues.


So please remember if you wish to find out anything more about any issue, then just use our ‘Search’ box which is located in the top right hand corner.  You do not have to type anything special, just a general entry such as ‘hunting’ or ‘LACS’ and you should then be provided with a full list of all the posts we have produced in the past relating to ‘that’ particular area.

Well I am gonna sign off now – the windows are still crying with all the rain, but we are much better off than all the poor folk flooded out up country.

I finish by wishing you all a very happy new year – make 2016 a good one and I hope that this quick review of some campaigns has whetted your appetite for even more hard work in 2016.

Regards and thanks to you all – have a beer on us ! – and we will publish a link in the next few days showing the London new year fireworks display when they take place tomorrow night.

Stay safe – Mark.

Di BD 7

Take a bike ride around my immediate home area on a cold Winters day via this linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMAGiroWXoE

You start off at Jeskyns Community Park, which we have now planted up with thousands of new trees over the past five years or so – http://www.forestry.gov.uk/jeskyns   – up through the village of Cobham and finish off at the newly renovated Darnley mausoleum which until recent was completely derelict; and a place which I used to visit and get scared stiff at with my mates when I was a young lad.  All them ghost stories etc.

And as the norm we do drive on the left over here – or at least most sensible folk try to !!

19 Mar 13 resize

Above – Time for a beer – Having just finished making our ‘Bee Hotel’

leather bottle cobham

Above – The Leather Bottle pub in Cobham village (you pass it on the bike ride link above) – a one time drinking haunt of  Charles Dickens (author)

Below – the newly renovated Darnley Mausoleum – outskirts of the village.  Again, you can see it at the end of the bike ride video.

darnley mausoleum new