12 years in prison for peacefully protesting and contacting people outside Tibet…

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12 years in prison for peacefully protesting and contacting people outside Tibet…

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Tsangyang Gyatso

Age: Unknown

Reason for imprisonment: Tsangyang Gyatso has been charged for “separatist” activities, such as – having contact with people outside Tibet and China and plotting to protest with other monks against the Chinese Communist government.

Detained: 17 March 2014

Sentence: 12 years

Location: Chushul Prison, Tibet Autonomous Region

About: Tsangyang Gyatso is a senior monk and chant leader from Drilda Monastery, Sog County, TAR

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FT robbed resistors

As part of Robed Resisters campaign we’re working hard to obtain information from Tibet about individual religious political prisoners. We can use that information to give prisoners hope, to challenge the abuses they face in prison and press for them to be freed.

Can you help us? We’ll be regularly highlighting different cases and this month we’re focusing on Tsangyang Gyatso:

Tsangyang Gyatso is a senior and highly respected monk from central Tibet. He was arrested in March 2014 and later that year sentenced to 12 years in prison for carrying out “separatist” activities – allegedly having contact with people outside of Tibet and meeting with other monks to organise protests.

Tibetan monks and nuns like Tsangyang Gyatso continue to play central roles in standing up to China’s oppression.

Earlier this month we learnt that two teenaged monks have received sentences of several years after peaceful protests.

Both had been missing since their arrests in March. Fearful of Tibetan resistance, China continues to target monks and nuns.

Please join us in supporting Tibet’s Robed Resisters.

D Lama Tibet

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USA: 57 Brutally Massacred Dogs Deserve Justice. Petition.



57 Brutally Massacred Dogs Deserve Justice



Target: Searcy County Sheriff Joey Pruitt

Goal: Punish those responsible for the poisoning and shooting of 61 dogs to the fullest extent of the law.

Several dozen dead dogs were recently found in the Searcy County, Arkansas woods. Two men from a logging company stumbled upon the scene, which included not only dead, bullet-riddled corpses, but a few live animals that were shot and left to die.

A search of the area by police and Searcy County Humane Society staff revealed 57 dead dogs and four live ones, one of which had to be euthanized due to its extreme injuries.

Investigators suspect that the dogs were poisoned until they were immobilized, and then shot. According to Searcy County Sheriff Joey Pruitt, no dogs have gone missing from the immediate area. Some suspect that the dogs could be from an animal hoarder’s home, fighting rings, or a failed puppy mill operation. According to officials, the perpetrator of this crime could face felony animal cruelty charges.

Humane society staff are still trying to rescue the surviving dogs by luring them with food. They are skittish around humans, getting up to run away despite massive injuries. One of the survivors, a male, is currently at the shelter recovering from a bullet wound to the shoulder and will soon be ready for adoption.

In order to stop these barbaric killings, it is imperative that police and animal welfare investigators work together to quickly apprehend the person or people responsible. Due to the shocking severity of the crime, the perpetrator should be punished to the full extent of the law. Sign the petition below to demand that the sheriff file felony charges against this brutal murderer.


Dear Sheriff Joey Pruitt,

Recently, the bullet-riddled bodies of 57 dogs were found in a remote area of Searcy County forest. The dogs are believed to have been poisoned before they were shot in order to render them immobile. Four dogs were found alive, though one was euthanized due to its poor health. As there have been no reports of stolen dogs, it is suspected that the dogs may have come from the home of an animal hoarder, a failed breeding operation, or even a dog fighting ring.

This crime is incredibly shocking due to the sheer number of animals killed. In order to stop the person responsible from killing more animals, it is imperative that they are found as quickly as possible. We, the undersigned, urge you to pursue the harshest possible charges against the perpetrator of this barbaric crime.


[Your Name Here]



My dream: No cages, no slaughterhouses.

My dream: No cages, no slaughterhouses


Sometime, dreams do come true !

Serbia: The Mushroom Pups Looking For A Home. A dog is for life; NOT just for Christmas.

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A dog is for life; NOT just for Christmas.

Natasa Lukovic

Anyone wants a flying dog this is Holly, a year old beautiful girl; she also has a brother (please look at the photos in this album).they are both looking for a home (together or apart). Contact me if interested, and please share.

mushroom 1

mushroom 2

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mushroom 5

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Holly and Buddy (mushrooms pups) are looking for a home

Updated 4 hours ago

23.12.15. update Holly and Buddy are brother and sister about a year old. Very friendly and cuddly, medium size dogs (Buddy is slightly bigger then Holly). They go well with other dogs, cats and adore children. Fully vaccinated and spay/ neutered,. looking for a homes. mushrooms are sponsored by Natalie Manning.

Thank you xx

They are now fully vaccinated .A boy and a girl, Buddy and Holly. About three and a half months old. went into the woods to look for mushrooms. and I came home with this two. Someone left them in the woods on the way to the mountain. What to say, Left them a great chance to survive; it is a boy and a girl. Tomorrow I’ll know more: how old they are, how much will growing. For now they have no names, I call them ‘mushrooms’. Please if anyone can be a sponsor of these puppies. They need food, pills against parasites, vaccines…

mushroom 6

muchroom 7