England: 29/12/15. RIP Lemmy; Thanks For Some great Times !


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Recently, he joked that he had switched from drinking whiskey to vodka for “health reasons.”


Sad news about hearing of the death of Lemmy today.

Thanks for the good times – Hammersmith Odeon, London, way back when – many years ago.

He lived life loud, long and rowdy !!



His family have requested people play his music today, and play it loud !

Keep on Rockin in spirit Lemmy.

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Romania: Exciting News About A New Project To Save The Nations Stray Animals.


We have some very exciting news about a project that is attempting to take shape in Romania.  After years of stray animal abuse and killing; we may now be witnessing the start of change.

As an additional issue to the (new project) news we have detailed below, the brilliant Carmen has recently being going to the very top at EU level to give detailed reports about the situation for stray animals.  You can see links and videos of our recent articles relating to this directly below, which includes in depth work by Mr Janusz Wojciechowski MEP who has worked very hard at EU Parliament level for the better welfare of the animals.

Here are some of the main videos on the entire situation over EU work by Carmen which you may wish to look at:





But now on to the new project.

It is called ‘Dog Town’ for Romania and is currently being set up by veterinarians and other animal welfare supporters.  You can see much more on the idea by clicking on the video link given below – and we really suggest you take a look at this.  The facilities are superbly clean and modern; and the concept to help Romanian strays is just a great one.  But like all new projects, getting financial support is half the job.  This is in progress and you can see more via the same link following.

Below are the words from the people involved themselves – an insight into the project and the answer to several questions which may be asked.

So here goes; after reading and watching the video via the link below we hope you may consider giving something financially to keep this dream project moving forward.

As many of you will be aware; we have covered the issue of Romanian strays in quite some detail in the past.  This single link:


should allow you to view directly many of our past reports.  The pictures are often graphic; but we (as always) will show the actual reality of the situation and not dress it up to show something else.



Dog Town for Romania

After the act of killing stray dogs was brought into force in 2013, 60.000 dogs were captured and brutally killed.

The municipal animal shelters are totally crowded. Many times the poor creatures are dreadfully mistreated, get no veterinary treatment and are starving with hunger. Many of these dogs die in agony or freeze to death during the winter time, which has already begun. Dog Town is the salvation for those poor souls – for a new life in a loving family ! Without us they have no chance!

Watch more on the people involved and the facilities which it is hoped will be purchased and used:


What is this project all about?

As you are reading this, in Romania stray dogs are captured and cruelly killed. Since a law was passed in 2013 that allows the killing of dogs 14 days after their capture, the situation had dramatically worsened and made a business out of killing stray dogs.

Dogs a hauled to public kennels and “euthanized” if nobody adopts them within 14 days. Every year thousands of dogs fall victim to those publicly endorsed killing schemes and all efforts to implement a sustainable and humane “neuter and release” program have been shattered.

However, amongst the Romanian population, support for animal rights is constantly growing. People rise up against the corrupt dog killing business and with great personal involvement try to save stray dogs from death row, often giving their last penny to feed and shelter the mistreated animals. The images of abandoned, crippled and tortured dogs have burned themselves into Romania´s collective memory. Those who suffer most, are often children. They are traumatized by the everyday dramas unfolding in front of their eyes and the violence they witness live or in the media.

Dog Town is a one of a kind project that offers stray dogs and their saviors a real perspective. The facilities on the huge grounds in the vicinity of Bucharest, provide shelter food and medical aid for hundreds of animals in need. There is space for up to 3000 animals.

Public shelters are no real alternative. They are overcrowded and often house dogs under dreadful conditions. Excrecta on cold concrete floors, no roofs and crammed kennels lead to a high starvation rate. The survivors are “euthanized” after 14 painful days.

Dog Town can offer a true perspective to those animals. Designed as a refuge center it marks the first step towards a place in a new loving home. You can help to make it happen.


What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Dog Town provides a place of refuge for dogs that have been rescued from killing stations by non-profit organizations and dedicated local animal rights activists. Today activists are in despair, because even after having saved an animal from certain death in a killing station or unimaginable suffering in horror shelters, there is simply no place to go.

Animal Shelters are over-flooding and local non profit organizations or activists can not shoulder the financial implications of giving food, shelter and basic medical care to thousands of dogs in despair. Dog Town is a chance to change this scenario. With your help and the donations of animal rights supporters from around the world, we can provide a perspective for animals in need.

Dog Town will be a rescue center and a temporary home to dogs rescued from killing stations and unbearable suffering. We will provide food, shelter and medical care until they can be placed in a new permanent home.


Why would you support this project?

Dog Town is an impressive and inspiring project that is the only one of its kind in Europe. On 3.8 acres of land in the vicinity of Bucharest, it hosts 6 kennels for up to 300 dogs each, provides free running areas and is equipped with a fully operational animal hospital. There is space for up to 3000 animals. The staff live on the grounds in six proprietary flats. Overall it is a safe heaven for dogs that would otherwise face death in a killing station. This safe heaven is in imminent danger.

Without funding, the owner of the complex will start to deconstruct the facilities and with them the hopes of all those who have given their heart and soul to rescuing dogs from death and despair in Romania. We cannot let this happen.

We have the structures in place to safe Dog Town, we have the trustworthy partners to run it, but we need financial support to make it happen – your support.


How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Upon reaching the funding threshold, we can secure the project via contract by depositing the money for a three months’ rent. We have the guarantee, that some monthly rents can be paid, plus some extra charges. We can start with some premises, where small improvements are needed. We can also recruit staff. We have the chance, that some employees, who have formerly been working in Dog Town, may be hired again. We can start negotiations with a first vet. Small renovation work on the entire site can be made. The rental prices for organizations and associations can be calculated. A first selection of tenants for the six halls can be started and after contracts have been signed, they can move in.

Upon reaching the funding objective, the vet’s facilities and equipment can be optimized. The entire infrastructure can also be improved. We can provide 6 apartments, recruit additional staff and possibly further veterinarians. Maybe we can also improve electricity by using solar panels. It will then be possible to have an outdoor area for the animals. If the halls have not yet been occupied completely, this will be changed as quickly as possible.

Upon reaching the funding goal, we acquire the rights for the purchase of Dog Town. It would be utmost advantageous, if we might buy the premises within two years’ time, because during this period 50% of the paid rent will be credited.

Dog Town is a joint project. In the future it shall be operated by several organizations and associations. After the lease agreement has been signed, sub- lease agreements may be concluded with organizations and associations. Part of the operating costs will be covered by the rental fees. Another part may be covered by the leasing cost for the installation of solar panels. This topic is currently discussed. The area and the roofs offer enormous potential and are very much asked for. We will continue to contact potential sponsors and supporters and will also keep in touch with large animal welfare organisations.

Should we be able to reach the amount we are aiming for or even top the target, these additional earnings would not only help to implement further actions on development but to come closer to the goal to secure and buy Dog Town.


Who are the people behind the project?

STARROMANIA (Swiss veterinarians for Romania), who have a long track record of successful animal rights projects in Romania and animal rights legend Claudiu Dumitriu back the project. With all their experience, they are well aware, that Dog Town is the only chance to safe hundreds of dogs who would otherwise face death in a killing station.

Dr. Josef Zihlmann – For the last 25 years, I have backed aid projects across Romania as a veterinarian. We have supported schools, hospitals. physicians, veterinarians, farmers, agricultural collectives. small businesses and formation centers for young farmers.

As president of STARROMANIA I have endorsed projects for stray dogs across Romania. A focus of our work has been the region of Transylvania and the town of Gheorgheni. As honorary ambassador for animal welfare og Gheorgheni, my wife Sylvia and me will continue to support projects across Romania.

Silvia Zihlmann I have inherited my love for animals from my parents and grandparents. Animals have always been an integral part of my life and I can not imagine our family without a dog as a beloved member.

Together with my husband, I travelled to Romania and under the impression of the horrible situation founded STARROMANIA. Ever since then we have actively and continously worked to improve the conditions for stray dogs in Romania. My ongoing visits to Romania have strenghtened my conviction, that those dogs need our support. Today more than ever. That´s why we continue to fight for them with all means necessary.

Claudiu Dumitriu – Animal rights activist, chairman of the association “Alliance against abuses”, partner of STAR ROMANIA in Romania and initiator of DOG TOWN -The man on the spot

I am constantly fighting against the recalcitrant, corrupt and unpredictable veterinary authorities in Romania – against the suffering of Romanian stray dogs, i risking death by fighting against the dog mafia. I quit my job as an engineer in order to stand up solely for the rights of animals. I  give my road dogs a voice in Brussels and conduct countless lawsuits against the injustice, that thousands of stray dogs have to bear.

I name and shame this incredible arbitrariness and cruelty to animals at various demonstrations, in forums, conferences and vet meetings.

As co-author of the document about the Romanian stray dogs, I inform people about the background of the mass killings. I am also responsible for the petition, which is addressed to FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe) and demands the exclusion of all FVE-representatives of Romania.

I won’t stop fighting until the day when I will be sure, that my work has achieved sustained success.

Tierhilfe Grenzenlos Deutschland e. V.  – In 2013, due to the new legislation concerning “Streunermanagement”, we became alert to Romania and founded our association to help and support romanian animal-rights activist early 2014.  We became attentive to Romania through their new law concerning “dog caster management” in 2013 and then founded our association to help and support romanian animal-rights activists early 2014.

Through the preparatory work we have met Silvia and Josef Zihlmann who very much helped us with the negotiations in Bacau. A deep friendship raised out of this encounter and it goes without saying that we also dedicate our campaign for the projects of Starromania.

Today we are able to help our friends in Romania and others associations with the supply of food through a variety of romanian food manufacturer.

The registered association Tierhilfe Grenzenlos Deutschland e. V. (a non-profit organization) supports our work by kindly providing their registered association account to our Project Dog Town in order to issue in Germany valid donation receipts.

You can also make your donation by directly transferring money to the Starromania account. We will then take care of the transaction with Startnext. Important: please make sure you include your email address and Startnext in the transfer form, this enables us to keep track and ensure that your chosen perk will come your way in the future.

STARROMANIA – Account for donations:

Post – CHF 
IBAN CH18 0900 0000 6160 3033 2 BIC POFICHBEXXX or, instead of: Post – EURO IBAN CH38 0900 0000 9183 5016 3 BIC POFICHBEXXX

Jasmin Ellger – For more than 15 years I stand up for the protection and the rights of animals and support people and animals in need.

Animals are part of my life. Since childhood I have accompanied my father to his veterinarian practice and to the farm animals. For the benefit of all beings I renounce the consumption of animal products.

I quit the job as an independent architect to concentrate fully on the fight for animal welfare.

With the crowdfunding campaign I want to contribute to the realization of the Dog Town project and support the great initiators of that campaign in their struggle for these tortured and helpless creatures.


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