England: Time Out Tigers and Wolves.


Tiger 1


Well as I said last week in one post, it was time to get some decorating done and to go for something big and animal.

Well here it is – our White Siberian Tiger.

It is big – around 2 metres wide by 2 metres high and it takes pride of place on the stairs leading up to the busy (and too cluttered) office. It was finished today (9/2/16) and is a really beautiful talking point for anyone who visits.

Tigger 3

There are a lot of bad things going on, especially the situation of wolves now being killed en masse in Idaho, USA; and so we need a little cheer up – and this certainly does it here.

Our ‘Howling wolf’ picture (below) is on the other wall, and so anyone coming to visit gets a clear message that this is an ‘animal’ place ! – I guess that they also know I have a special place within me for wolves – I will always try and be a positive voice for them.




Wolf 2

Hope you like !

Regards Mark.

Here is a link to many superb and beautiful white tiger pictures:






USA: 4,000 Dead Wolves as Idaho Starts Aerial Killing !! – Disgusting !!


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Dear Mark,

The federal wolf-killing machine is cranking up again in Idaho.

The Center for Biological Diversity has learned that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services plans to send gunners in helicopters to shoot wolves in the Lolo Elk Management Zone of the Clearwater National Forest.

This is happening as the number of wolves gunned down, trapped and poisoned since 2011 surpasses 4,000 dead — more than half of them in the state of Idaho alone. We’re worried this month will be a repeat of last February, when 19 wolves were shot by aerial gunners in the Lolo.

The Center is committed to fighting wolf killing, but we need your help to win. Please contribute to the Center’s Predator Defense Fund, and we’ll put your support to work defending wolves.

Anti-wolf militants have made it clear that they won’t stop until nearly every wolf in Idaho is gone, and they have powerful friends ready to spend taxpayer money to help. The Idaho Legislature is right now budgeting another $400,000 to kill wolves in the 2016-17 fiscal year. Last year similar funding was used by the state to kill 72 wolves at an estimated cost of more than $7,000 per animal — and that’s on top of the 250-plus killed by private hunters during the 2014-2015 season. The wolf haters are willing to spend a publicly funded fortune to exterminate this intelligent, social species.

We need your help to stand up for wolves. The Center will use your gift to the Predator Defense Fund to defend wolves from the statehouse to the courthouse.

We know how to win for wolves. We have an unmatched quarter-century of experience. We’ve defeated wolf-killing proposals from the Great Lakes to the Pacific. We’ve even won in Idaho, the deadliest place in America for wolves — just last year we forced the state to abandon its plans to send a trained wolf killer into the Frank Church/River of No Return Wilderness. Our seasoned lawyers, scientists and activists are the best defense that wolf families have.

Help us ground Idaho’s helicopters and send Wildlife Services’ killers home. You can contribute to our work with a donation to the Predator Defense Fund.

4,000 dead wolves is 4,000 too many.

For the wolves,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

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