David Bowie – Brit Awards2016.


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX (100574d)  David Bowie  DAVID BOWIE AT THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL - 1983

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young

Tortured Cat and Ostrich Bags – Petitions And More.

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Petition – Cat Sadistically Tortured for Months by Wall Street Banker, Says Owner


Target: Cyrus Vance, District Attorney of Manhattan

Goal: Pursue the maximum penalty for man accused of brutally torturing his roommate’s cat for three months.

Lucy the cat is on life support after allegedly being brutally tortured by its owner’s roommate for three months. The roommate, Declan Garrity, who has been charged with animal cruelty, allegedly broke the bones in the cat’s face, legs, and pelvis, ripped out its claws, and torched her.

Garrity, who is a financial analysis at a large Wall Street bank, reportedly told the owner that the cat injured herself while he was home alone with her. One excuse was that an iron fell on Lucy by accident.

Lucy deserves justice and other living beings deserve to be protected from the cruel monsters who wish to torture them. Demand that this person be vigorously prosecuted and be banned from ever owning animals, if found guilty.

J Depp


ostrich slaughter

Young Ostriches Butchered for ‘Luxury’ Bags


Photos – Peta.

ostrich bags

Europe: Emptying The Skies – The Killing Of Birds In Southern Europe.

Emptying the skies

Bird killing in Southern Europe

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