England: Time Out Tigers and Wolves.


Tiger 1


Well as I said last week in one post, it was time to get some decorating done and to go for something big and animal.

Well here it is – our White Siberian Tiger.

It is big – around 2 metres wide by 2 metres high and it takes pride of place on the stairs leading up to the busy (and too cluttered) office. It was finished today (9/2/16) and is a really beautiful talking point for anyone who visits.

Tigger 3

There are a lot of bad things going on, especially the situation of wolves now being killed en masse in Idaho, USA; and so we need a little cheer up – and this certainly does it here.

Our ‘Howling wolf’ picture (below) is on the other wall, and so anyone coming to visit gets a clear message that this is an ‘animal’ place ! – I guess that they also know I have a special place within me for wolves – I will always try and be a positive voice for them.




Wolf 2

Hope you like !

Regards Mark.

Here is a link to many superb and beautiful white tiger pictures:






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