Serbia: 14/2/16 – Lots Of Goodies For Felix Cats From Belgium !

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We’d like to convey our most sincere gratitude to our friend Nancy and her wonderful organization Straydogs Belgium for helping our cats stay warm and cozy this winter.

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When the latest load of cat food, supplies and accessories arrived in December of 2015, we received a lot of wonderful things! Warm blankets and kitty beds, several cat climbers, many food and water bowls, meat paté, kibble and canned food, kitty toys and a cat carrier, as well as a covered litter box.



We just wanted to show where we have put the things we received to good use and we’re guessing that the cats have been wondering since December how they could have ever lived without their beautiful gifts!

🙂 Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Nancy and her awesome Straydogs Belgium.

Thank you so very much!

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felix 14 feb 2

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England: ‘Free Tibet’ (London) – We Are Proud To Be Members and A Voice For The People Of Tibet.







D Lama Tibet

Animal Rights – Human Rights;

– When Its Necessary, You Fight For Both !