USA: SeaWorld Admits It Infiltrated an Animal Rights Group.


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SeaWorld Admits It Infiltrated an Animal Rights Group

The company’s board has ordered employees to stop posing as activists to obtain information on groups like PETA.

SeaWorld has found itself in hot water again.

On Thursday, SeaWorld chief executive Joel Manby told investors the theme park operator had employees pose as activists to infiltrate People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

This admission comes months after PETA accused SeaWorld employee Paul McComb of working for the animal rights group under the alias Thomas Jones. PETA claimed McComb attended anti-SeaWorld meetings and protests, asked for insider secrets from other protesters, and encouraged aggressive and illegal tactics during demonstrations.

At the time, SeaWorld officials denied the claims but put McComb put on temporary leave. He has since returned to the company, according to Manby.

“Following the completion of an investigation conducted by independent outside counsel, the board has directed that the company’s management team end a practice in which certain employees posed as animal rights activists in connection with efforts to maintain the safety and security of company employees, customers, and animals in the face of credible threats that the company had received,” SeaWorld said in a statement issued after Manby discussed the issue with investors during a conference call Thursday.


SeaWorld Ramps Up the (Killer) Whale Wars

The move didn’t placate PETA. “If SeaWorld had business savvy or common sense, it would modernize its business with coastal sanctuaries and virtual reality displays instead of building more dolphin prisons,” the organization said in a statement.

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Manby has worked to reshape the SeaWorld image since he took over as chief executive last April. The company is still recovering from the fallout from the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which focused on mistreatment of captive killer whales at SeaWorld parks. Manby has ordered an end to orca shows at SeaWorld San Diego and approved the construction of exhibits and rides to increase park attendance.

Though SeaWorld’s 2015 revenue rose to $268 million—up 1 percent from the previous year—net income was down 1.6 percent to $49 million.

PETA suggested SeaWorld address larger problems. Since November, an animal has died every month at the company’s San Antonio park.

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Serbia: 26/2/16 – latest Update About ‘Celeste’ – She Has Now Had Surgery.

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See more about Celeste, including photos; on our post of 21/2/16:

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Celeste was operated on two days ago and it’s turned out that she was in a lot worse shape than we expected. She was initially supposed to have only a spay surgery, but she had multiple mammary tumors which should always be regarded as potentially malignant and the only thing the vet could do was to completely remove both of the mammary gland chains and associated lymph nodes. Celeste endured the massive surgery surprisingly well, but during the night she tore up the gauze bandages and we feared that she would rip out the stitches as well, so off to the vet we went again.

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Luckily, she hasn’t tried to take off the bandages since; she is being given antibiotics and painkillers and she began to eat yesterday evening. The bad news is that the long-term prognosis for a cat with mammary tumors is guarded, as up to 65% of surgically removed tumors reoccur within a year. Most of the kitties survive less than a year after being diagnosed with this life threatening disease, although there are always some fortunate ones which are able to fully recover and never have any additional problem.

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We’ll certainly do everything we can to help her overcome her ordeal, but only time will tell about the outcome. And it could have all been avoided had she been spayed in time… One way or the other, Celeste’s long and winding journey to happiness has just begun.

Please, help us make the rest of her life, which hasn’t been exactly an awesome one so far, as great as possible!