England: Copy Of EU / Turkish Border (Animal Transport) Video Now Sent To ALL 57 English Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s).


EOA Turkey 1

Further update – 25/2/16.

We have now also submitted copies of the video to all

Scottish and Welsh MEP’s.

We are flagging all messages sent so that we can check who is / is not reading our mail.

We really hope that other EU citizens / visitors to this site are also sending copies of the video link to their own MEP(s).

We need pressure to be put on from all areas of the EU, not just the UK and Netherlands.


EU / Turkey live export update – 24/2/16.

Video Link –


We have been busy today making sure that a copy of the video (see link above) has been provided, along with a covering letter, to every one of the 57 Member’s of the European Parliament (MEP).

EOA Turkey 2

This now leaves us with just copies to be sent to MEP’s in Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland – about 13 copies in total.

We need to make an impact on the MEP’s who are elected by the people to undertake the wishes of the people.

We hope that other EU citizens will forward the video link on to their MEP’s just the same as we have.

Video Link –


J Depp