Breaking – Armani To STOP Using REAL FUR !


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Dear friend

We’re delighted to confirm that the world-renowned luxury brand Armani will leave out all real fur, including rabbit fur, from its collection starting from the fall/winter season 2016.  Armani committed to this policy after working with the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of animal protection organisations focussed on ending the fur trade. Mark Glover, Director of Respect for Animals says:

“No ifs, no buts: real fur is cruel and unnecessary.  A huge majority of consumers don’t want it and fashion doesn’t need it.  The UK banned fur farming on ethical grounds, recognising the inherent cruelty of the fur factory farm industry, so its clearly hypocritical for outlets to continue to sell real fur on British high streets.  We are delighted that such an influential brand in the fashion business as Armani will be going fur free and they join many other compassionate retailers in the UK.”

You can read more on our website.

For the animals,

Respect for Animals

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