USA: ‘Serbia 2’ or Death By 100 Cuts – Why Is The US Taking Down the Entire Foundation of Wildlife Protection in America ?


Dear Mark,

You and I are facing a crisis that could literally doom hundreds of wildlife species.

Extremists in Congress have declared outright war on the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the very foundation of our nation’s commitment to rescuing threatened and endangered wildlife.

As of this writing, anti-wildlife extremists have introduced nearly 100 legislative measures in Congress aimed at wiping out wildlife protections. And many of these measures are advancing!

If the extremists win, wildlife will die. Many species will decline. Some may even go extinct.

Your urgent gift to Defenders of Wildlife provides the resources we need to protect the wildlife you and I love.

Nearly 100 anti-wildlife legislative measures that could doom hundreds of wildlife species have been proposed this Congress. Some of these measures, like wolf delisting, have passed the full House and gone on to the Senate for consideration!

If these proposals become law:

  • Critically imperiled animals like the northern long-eared bat will never be listed as endangered;

  • Gray wolves will be vulnerable to the whims of wolf-hating states like Wyoming [Passed by full House 2/26/16];

  • Loopholes will allow sea otters and other listed animals to be killed with impunity;

  • And illegal ivory will continue to flow into this country, while elephant poaching will continue to decimate herds [Passed by full House 2/26/16].

Make no mistake, they’re not just targeting specific animals anymore – they’re trying to take down the entire foundation of wildlife protection in America.

Mark, I ask myself this every day – what will we tell our children if they inherit a world without the diversity of life we ourselves inherited?

Without the Endangered Species Act, many of these species may be lost forever.

We’re fighting back. And with you at our side, I am confident that we, and the wildlife we all love, will win.

Please help with a generous donation today.

Thanks for all your help.


Jamie Rappaport Clark President, Defenders of Wildlife

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