Serbia: New Petition For Action Against Mass Dog Killers “Avenija MB” – Who Are Making Big Profits Using ILLEGAL Actions – Please Sign and Crosspost Thank You.

Serbian  Flag


Petition – Stop the illegal actions and killing of dogs in Serbia – please make sure you sign, then cosspost to the World !

Petition 2

Nis dog capture

Hi Mark

Thank you so much for posting news about crimes against defenceless dogs in Serbia.

In the last few months, things are getting worse. Local city hygiene services across county catch and kill stray animals. The infamous public communal service “Avenija MB” from the city Vrnjacka Banja is illegally catching dogs from 26 municipalities and has a large profit from animal suffering.

You’re right, the EU must be informed about barbaric methods Serbia authorities are using to reduce the number of homeless dogs, and put pressure on Serbia to respect their own laws.

I’ll share this post with my friends on Care2 and Pinterest.

It is a long way to go, but together we are building a more compassionate world for animals.


Petition 2



pozega january 4

Pozega january 1


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