England: English Bluebells in the Garden Today – 20/4/16.


English Bluebells in the garden today – 20/4/16.

In memory of all the animals which are being killed in Serbia.








And what the local (English) woods look like at the moment:


first of may bluebells in dockley wood ashridge....nr,. hemel hempstead...see words ends



Serbia: The Illegal Activities Of The Dogcatchers of Avenija MB.

Serbian Flag



We have recently had photographs in of an alleged illegal makeshift trailer which is used by dogcatchers of Avenija MB.

A formal charge has also been made against this private firm Avenija MB, who catch dogs in no less than 30 communities all over Serbia. They have 21 cages, each of which holds 4-6 dogs.

But they also allegedly undertake the illegal catching and transportation of dogs. Probably around 2,000 from 26/3/13 to the present day. Nobody is able to trace these dogs or know where they are. It is known that many of the municipalities which Avenija MB work in pay them illegally and set up unlawful contracts.



It is time that the Serbian government woke up to the situation, especially if it wants to join the EU, and is required by law to show the EU ‘rules of law’ ARE being applied – that is that things are being done legally; which we doubt here. The setting up of unlawful contracts is not allowed by EU law. We are passing all our information, including the photographs, to the EU.


Slavica is writing to inform the OIE and the AWG of the situation; because we think that they (dogcatchers) are undertaking the illegal transportation of non-microchipped animals for which the health status is unknown.  There is always the danger of disease spread with such activities.

For obvious reasons, we are not publishing all the information that is known about Nenad Stevanovic, who we understand is the Serbian Director of Avenija MB and at the same time it appears the Director of private firm AvenijaMB. This is against the law (public and private directorships) and we are investigating further.