24/4/16 Is World Lab Animal Day – Remember Those Who Suffer In Silence; And For What ? – We Want Progresive Medicine, NOT Animal Testing.

lab animal day


Please give a few minutes today to remember all the millions of animals who suffer in silence in the labs of the world.  Lets see progressive medicine – not archaic and outdated animal testing.  SAV.

April 24th is World Day for Animals in Laboratories when we remember the millions of animals used each year in research.

We all want to find better treatments and cures for conditions such as cancer or diabetes. Using animals to research these diseases is outdated and unethical.

At the Dr Hadwen Trust, we are working hard to replace animals in medical research to save them from the pain and trauma of experiments and to advance more human-relevant research to benefit our health.

Help us fund more research that saves animals from the lab – for us and for them.

Thank you.










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MS – A Real Pain In The … – Everywhere !

Mark was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2000 after time working overseas.  Here is an insight into MS:




 He is a supporter of forward looking (non animal medical) research.


Animal testing is a thing of the past and should only be in history books now – and I say that as an MS sufferer; someone who wants a cure for something; but which will not come through animal testing, as animals don’t suffer from MS; so why artificially create it in them and then attempt to find a cure using them ? – it makes no sense.   Animals are different to humans  – So why not find out using genetics what makes animals different from us (re autoimmune illness) and why they dont get MS and yet we do ?  – that to me is progressive research; not simply cutting up animals aka big pharma. 

Laboratory animals: the victims of a criminal idiocy!

Animal experiments are almost exclusively justified by the claim, that they are carried out for the benefit of man.
They are made so that new drugs can be developed against incurable diseases.
For consumers must be guaranteed a sense of security and trust in the new chemical products.
But the industry considers other reasons laid on animals.
Behind this dirty propaganda are powerful interests of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
And not just the pharmaceutical industry.
Influential interest groups benefit from the animal experiments:
Experimenters, universities, contract laboratories, experimental animal traders, companies create the accessories, all these benefit from animal experiments and want to maintain.
The quality of research is not measured by how many people you can help, but on the number of publications in peer-reviewed journals.
As of the amount of research funding depends.
Something useful for sick people is not out.

Politics and the media kollaborate with in the animal experiment machinery.
In Germany alone a budget of almost 2.7 billion euros of DFG (German research community) has been made available to fund animal experiments in higher education in 2013!
The four million euro state support, which are given for non-animal research, look in comparison like alms.
In addition, each of us needs to know that the majority of animal test results will not be published but will disappear in the drawer.
Animal experimenters must decide for themselves whether they want to give results known or not. This manipulation is fully programmed: errors are not published, however, the shown “positive” results as a triumph of animal experimentation.

“From a scientific standpoint, it must be noted that what is described as” called animal model
system ” in cancer research, has proven to be totally bankrupt.
There is no evidence that the use of animals in cancer research for the prevention or recovery also led only a single people “! (Dr. Irwin Bross D.J., Director at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute of Buffalo, New York).

One end of animal experiments not means the end of medical research, but non-animal medicine would be much further.
Because animal studies only hold medical progress.
Because of their false results.