Free Tibet (London) launches appeal for language campaigner.

Free Tibet launches appeal for language campaigner

Tashi FT

Who is Tashi Wangchuk?

Tashi Wangchuk conducted a peaceful and non-political campaign to protect Tibetan language education in Tibet. Late last year, he was interviewed in the New York Times, talking frankly and openly about his campaign and the threat to Tibet’s culture. For that courageous decision, he has now been arrested and, if convicted, faces fifteen years in jail. Tibetans charged with political crimes are rarely found innocent in China’s courts. Many are convicted after confessions are extracted through torture.

Please join our campaign to free Tashi Wangchuk by contacting your government now.

Urgent Action: language campaigner Tashi Wangchuk

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In January 2016 Tashi Wangchuk was arrested and has been charged with “inciting separatism”. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

Please write urgently to your Minister of Foreign Affairs, urging them to call on China to immediately and unconditionally release Tashi Wangchuk.

Tashi Wangchuk, 30, is from Yushu in eastern Tibet. He was arrested after asking China’s authorities to ensure that the Tibetan language is taught throughout Tibet. China’s own constitution  guarantees that Tibetans have the right to use and develop their own languages. Tashi Wangchuk pursued his peaceful campaign through official channels and repeatedly maintained that his actions were not political. It is likely he is being punished because he had the courage to work with the New York Times to highlight threats to Tibetan culture, despite the risk he would be arrested.

China has sharply scaled back the teaching of Tibetan in recent years, despite guarantees of cultural autonomy in the Tibetan regions.

Learn more about Tashi Wangchuk’s case here.

Take action

Citizens of the UK, US, Australia, Canada, India, France, Ireland and Germany can follow the links below to contact your foreign ministers to demand action for Tashi Wangchuk. If your country is not listed, please see our guide for the relevant contact for your country, and how to reach them, here. If you are based in a country which you are not a citizen of, please contact for help. 

Contact your government

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Sign the petition

You can also take action for Tashi Wangchuk by

signing our petition to the regional authorities in Tibet, demanding his release.

Free Tashi Wangchuk

– See more at:

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D Lama Tibet

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Serbia: Take Action With Letter To Serbian And EU Politicians Regarding Illegal (Non Lawful) Actions Of Serbian Dogcatchers.

Serbian Flag

Pozega january 1

IMPORTANT – Please ensure that you copy and send BOTH the Serbian and then the English OR German versions of the letter in your e mail.

The Serbian copy will put pressure on, and ensure the Serbians are left in no doubt as to the situation; and that the EU is being informed of their actions.  Remember that Serbia is an EU ‘Candidate Country’ and very much wishes to join the EU.  But if it does not follow it own rules / laws, (the EU requirement of the ‘rule of law’); then it should never be allowed to become an EU member.

All the Serbian e mail addresses to which the letters should be sent are given in the first list.  EU listings are then supplied.

Please copy them all and paste into one e mail, along with the Serbian and English / German copy of the letter.

This can also be done by NON EU citizens; you could declare your name and nationality at the end – thank you.

get involved 2


SERBIAN E Mail List:,,,,,,, <>,



EU E mail list,,,,,, <>,,, <>,,, <>,,, <>, <>,,,,,, <>, <>,,,,, <>,,,,,,,,, <>,,,,,,,, <>, <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,, <>,,,,,, <>, <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, <>,,,,,,,,,,,, <>,,,,, <>,, <>,,,,  <>,,,, <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Letter to copy and attach as part of e mail

–  Serbian Text



Dobili smo nezvanične informacije da će u Skupštini grada Niša biti doneta odluka o eutanaziji napuštenih životinja , kako u prihvatilištu koje je inače ne registrovan objekat , tako i onih koji se nalaze na ulicama, a koje se masovno hvataju na najsurovije moguće načine i odvode u gore pomenuti objekat.

Ovim putem najoštrije osuđujemo bilo kakvu ovakvu odluku , jer za nemiile događaje u kome su ljudi povređeni od strane napuštenih pasa , odmazdu ne treba da snose drugi psi, jer nisu oni krivi , već organi koji nisu postupali u skladu sa Zakonom o dobrobiti životinja i počev od dana donošenja Zakona nisu preduzeli svoje zakonske obaveze u cilju smanjenja broja napuštenih životinja.

Zakon mora da se poštuje, a za njegovo nepoštovanje, koje je očigledno, posledice ne trebaju da snose psi .

Zahtevamo da se bilo kakva eventualna protivzakonita odluka Skupštine grada Niša stavi van snage , te da se na ozbiljan i sistematski način pristupi rešavanju problema napuštenih životinja , jer bilo kakvi ad hoc masakri neće dati rezultate i ovakvi događaji će se iznova ponavljati.

Hier bitte unterzeichnen –

Name –


und Land



Letter to copy and attach as part of e mail

– English Text (for EU Parliament)


To whom it might concern,

We strongly condemn  JKP “ Naš Dom” Pozega  for their behavior  in terms of treatment of abandoned animals. The Animal Welfare Act in Serbia clearly stipulates that abandoned animals cannot be killed except in exceptional circumstances, but must be housed and cared for in the shelters, yet we learned that JKP “ Naš Dom” is  planning to kill 90% of the dogs that  they catch in 2016.

On the news tonight (16.03.2016 ),  on the TV station  B92, JKP “ Naš Dom”  admitted that in year  2015  out of 1350  captured dogs,  1280 were killed!

We are outraged and appalled by such disrespect of the current law by an institution  JKP “ Naš Dom”  which is governed by the state! This institution,  clearly  feels they’re above the law!  We will be notifying all competent authorities in the EU and beyond and will be looking into taking measures to prevent future illegal slaughter of animals in Serbia.

We also must add that we are aware of current lynch on street dogs in Nis which is almost announced publicly as form of revenge for the attack  carried out on an elderly woman by a pack of dogs. We are also aware of all the unlawful poisonings and killings of animals which are happening in Serbia  because the  institutions governed by the state assigned to deal with the problem   are not following the laws and therefore are failing to deal with the problem  as well as not dealing with irresponsible owners  who abandon their  animals and are part of the problem.

So far we have pointed out how to humanely solve the problem of abandoned animals and for us it is devastating that  Serbia does not actually apply these measures. Measures, which are prescribed by the Law.



Letter to copy and attach as part of e mail – German / Deutscher Text

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Wir verurteilen JKP ” Naš Dom” Pozega für ihr Verhalten in Bezug auf die Behandlung von ausgesetzten Tieren. Das Tierschutzgesetz in Serbien ist deutlich festgelegt, Tiere dürfen nicht getötet werden, außer in extremen Ausnahmefällen, sondern müssen im Tierheim/Pension untergebracht und betreut werden. Jedoch haben wir erfahren, dass JKP ” Naš Dom” vor hat 90% der Hunde die sie im Jahr 2016 fangen zu töten.

In den Nachrichten am 16.03.2016, auf dem Sender B92 haben JKP ” Naš Dom” zugegeben, dass im Jahre 2015 aus den 1350 gefangen genommenen Hunden, 1280 getötet wurden!

Wir sind empört und entsetzt über diese Missachtung des Gesetzes von JKP ” Naš Dom”, eine Institution die vom Staat geregelt wird! Wir werden alle zuständigen Behörden in der EU benachrichtigen und darüber hinaus werden wir auch Maßnahmen erforschen um weitere illegale Schlachtung von Tieren in Serbien zu vermeiden.

Wir wissen ebenfalls,  dass das aktuelle Lynchen von Straßenhunden in Nis öffentlich angekündigt wird, als Rache für einen früheren Hundeangriff auf eine ältere Frau.

Staatliche Organisationen sehen illegale Vergiftung und Töten der Straßentiere als die einzige Lösung zu diesem Problem, anstatt sich mit verantwortungslosen Besitzern zu beschäftigen, die nur weiter zu dem Problem hinzufügen in dem sie ihre Hunde auf die Straße aussetzen.

Wir haben an die Serbischen Organisationen Empfehlungen weitergeleitetet, wie die Situation der Straßenhunde verbessert werden könnte, rechtmäßig und ohne das es den Tieren zu Schaden kommt. Für uns ist es einfach unfassbar, dass diese tierfreundliche Maßnahmen in Serbien nicht eingesetzt werden. Maßnahmen, die durch das Gesetz eigentlich vorgeschrieben sind!

Wir sind empört wie das Gesetz in Serbien umgangen wird und wir werden alles in unserer Macht steht tun um die geplante Tötung von 1300 Tieren von JKP ” Naš Dom” in 2016 zu verhindern.

Pozega january 1


Picture 009


Picture 021


dogs eat each other




England: Ela Josephs.



This is a short line to inform people that Ela Josephs, also known as Elizabeth Kniaz, died in hospital last Saturday – 9th April.

Being a very caring person, Ela and her partner Alana had many rescued animals.  She set up a group called ‘hope for Serbian animals’ – see our past link relating to this at: 

Below is a photo of their dog ‘Bally’, a rescued greyhound from Ireland, who unfortunately had to be put to sleep just 2 days before the loss of Ela due to a cancerous growth on the leg, which was causing limping and other problems.


We thank Ela for her care and compassion and her devotion to helping animals in Serbia and elsewhere.