China (Again): No elephant should experience this desperation !!


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No elephant should experience this desperation….please sign/send letter to the Chinese Govt!

Compassionate citizens around the globe are appalled by the cruel and abusive treatment of elephants, who are highly intelligent and sensitive animals.  The exploitation of these animals for purposes of entertainment in zoos and circuses is condemned by most animal welfare organizations worldwide and exotic animal bans have been put in place in cities and countries around the world,  to end this suffering.

A delegate to the National People’s Congress, has proposed a law banning the import of wild elephants to China.  We understand that the government of China will now consider the proposal and has until March next year to respond.  Zimbabwe has announced that it intends to send more baby elephants to China. 

I respectfully request that your excellency asks his government to expedite its response to the proposal to ban elephant imports and to call upon the Zimbabwe government to suspend any further elephant exports until a decision is made.


Dear Friends,

Twenty three baby elephants being held in horrible conditions in a Chinese quarantine facility are likely to die unless I can persuade the Chinese government to intervene and provide them with a larger living area.

And shockingly, Zimbabwe has announced it intends to sell more baby elephants to China. Right now, there is a proposal before the National People’s Congress (NPC), the highest organ of state power in China, seeking laws to ban future baby elephant imports and to improve the living conditions of the Zimbabwe 23. Under Chinese laws the government has up to a year to respond.

One elephant, from the twenty four originally abducted and transported has already died. The survivors are showing signs of illness and are in poor physical and mental condition.  We cannot stand by and see this happen.  We need to save these elephants.

They are being held in tiny cages with only a small, barred, concrete yard to exercise in once a day.  What makes it worse is that the poor creatures face two more years in these conditions before the new zoo they are destined for is built.

I am tormented by the video my team obtained showing the babies with open wounds and being prodded through the bars by men with long poles.

The zoo is doing nothing to help, the elephants’ only chance is if we can help the Chinese government to get them a big enough area where they can exercise and interact with one another.  I am doing all I can but need your help to do more.

Please share our petition and if at all possible be as generous as you can today to help us in our work to save the Zimbabwe 23.



England: London – 400 Years To Celebrate ‘The Bard’.



LONDON (AP) — If all the world’s a stage, William Shakespeare is its architect.

The playwright died 400 years ago Saturday (23/4), but remains the world’s most famous writer, living on through endlessly reinterpreted plays and globally known characters, including the tormented prince Hamlet and the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet .

The long-dead Bard is one of Britain’s leading cultural ambassadors, and the anniversary of his death on April 23, 1616, is being marked across Britain with parades, church services and — of course — stage performances. After all, the play’s the thing. (That’s just one of scores of phrases that Shakespeare has given the English language).

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You can still visit the Globe theatre in London today and watch plays by the Bard.

Here are a few pictures of the theatre – London 2016.

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1 million endangered sea turtle hatchlings safely to the ocean. Celebrate !!


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This did arrive with us on 22/4 but it is only today, 23rd that we have published.  SAV.

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Dear Mark,

Today is Earth Day.  And since 71% of the Earth is covered in oceans, we consider this Oceans Day as well!

It’s a chance to celebrate all of the marine animals that we are working to protect.

And to say thank you. Your actions — and those of all of Turtle Island Restoration Network’s community members — are saving sea turtles, whales, dolphins and other ocean animals:

  • You have supported nesting beach protection projects in Texas, Nicaragua and Costa Rica that have returned more than 1 million endangered sea turtle hatchlings safely to the ocean.

  • More than 25,000 people so far have signed our petition calling for an end to the whale and dolphin-killing California Driftnet Fishery.  Legislation to phase out the fishery is currently in the California Senate!

  • More than 200 volunteers signed up with us to help monitor sea turtle nesting beaches in Texas, the most ever, and they found the first sea turtle nest of the season last week.

These are just a few of the victories for sea turtles and other ocean animals that you have helped us achieve!

So, from Turtle Island and 1 million hatchlings this Earth Day, thank you!

For the Oceans,

Erica Heimberg

Director of Development

PS – Want one simple thing to do for Earth Day today?  Like Turtle Island on Facebook, share our Earth Day hatchling and ask your friends to join us too!

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Adults – 1001 reasons why they need to be saved / protected

– Beautiful !!

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