Cupcake Disaster !

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Hi Mark,

Earlier this year, nearly 500,000 of us told big name brands they needed to do more to stop the destruction of Indonesia’s forests at the hands of palm oil companies. And they listened.

When a huge palm oil company – IOI – recently had their sustainable palm oil certificates pulled for repeatedly destroying forests and peatlands, all the big brands like Nestle, Unilever and Mars have said they will stop buying from them. All, that is, except one. General Mills – makers of Betty Crocker cake mixes and Jus-Rol pastry – think it’s still ok to buy palm oil from IOI and have refused to stop doing business with them.

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Tell General Mills to stop buying palm oil from this forest-trashing company.

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IOI has been draining peat swamps and tearing down forests – creating the perfect conditions for the fires which swept across Indonesia last year. These forests are also prime orangutan habitat, and this magnificent ape is already threatened with extinction. And yet General Mills is still doing business with them. Even the industry’s own sustainable palm oil group – the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil – thinks IOI is bad news and pulled IOI’s sustainable palm oil certificates.

The RSPO almost never takes action against its members, which shows just how poor IOI’s track record is. The bosses at General Mills have a half-baked idea that if they keep buying palm oil from IOI, they can persuade the forest destroyer to change. But time and again, IOI have left a trail of devastation and the only way they will change is if their customers take a stand and stop buying their palm oil.

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Enough is enough. Tell General Mills that if they’re serious about protecting Indonesia’s forests, they need to stop buying from IOI, right now.

Let’s make it happen. Jamie Greenpeace PS The only way IOI will end the destruction is if their customers walk away. Other big brands have dropped them, but General Mills is still using their palm oil.

Email General Mills now and tell them to stop.

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