Serbia: Can You Help With A Final Donation To Help Animals This Month in Nis.

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About Small Shelter Nis – LINK  

Please help our small private shelter in Nis, Serbia to take care for it’s animals;

need for another 40 euros for food, please you, if someone wants to help.
I know that many of you are preparing for the holidays, but I have to ask you to think about our orphan dogs, which depend solely on you, and also ask you to spare a few euros for our dogs food for the month of June.

We shall be immensely grateful and our dogs will not be hungry.

For our 30 dogs and 10 cats monthly food costs are about 250 euros.

This wonderful little shelter of ours regularly struggles to raise funds which are needed for every month, to feed all the dogs and take care of them which completely depends on us.

The street cats we feed daily and pay for all other necessities that they have living on the streets in terrible conditions.

Also, there are regular vet costs for the injured, sick and starving animals that we save.

To donate –  

About Small Shelter Nis – LINK  

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