‘EU Must Ensure Animal Welfare’ Or Mr Van Goethem Will Get You – And The Next Joke Is ….



Regarding our recent post on the failure of the EU to enforce any protection for EU animals being tucked to Turkey, a non EU state,  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2016/06/06/the-eu-excuses-get-more-pathetic-by-the-day-contact-mr-van-goethem-and-show-your-disgust/  as the ex EU correspondent for Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE), I decided to go back into my old files as I know the name of Bernard Van Goethem very well.  The two of us have corresponded in the past, when I presented many other failures of EU live animal transportation regulations to the EU; sadly, all of these appear to have been ignored also; certainly from what is recently still seen at Kent, English ports.  There is very little, if any change.

As the copy of the letter (below) shows; I wrote on behalf of KAAALE to the EU (one of many letters – see ‘About Us’ – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/  ) regarding concerns for animals in transport within the EU, including the UK.  This letter is from early 2013 and specifically deals with the issue of trailer identification and the fact that live animals are / were being carried  on vehicles which did not identify this in any way.  It was often seen at Kent ports that live animal transporters did NOT carry any identification on them that live animals were being carried.  To many outsiders or those not familiar with the trade, I can understand when people say that you must be able to identify an animal transporter trailer just by the look of it.  Well I am afraid this is not always the case; as ‘box trailers’ with no visible access to the animals were sometimes used by the Dutch when operating in the UK.  Here is a photo of a typical closed box trailer; which actually contains many dozens of live sheep.

Copy of Lesley last 1

Live sheep being carried in this trailer within the UK by a Dutch haulier – would you know it ? – where is the signage in accordance with EU Regulations on the transport of live animals ?

If you do not know that, then how are UK emergency services supposed to know it if the trailer overturns on a UK motorway ?.  That my friends was the very essence of my letter of complaint to Mr Van Goethem – that trailers are not identified as carrying live animals; hence failing the requirements of EU Regulation 1/2005, and that the trailers did not have access doors fitted to them – something which Lesley identified so very much in her report to the EU on the very same issue.


Here below is a link to Lesley’s report on the importance of access in livestock trailers – why it is so very important to have multiple access doors to allow access to animals should they need it.


A statement exists in EU Regulation 1/2005 on ‘the protection of animals during transport’, that:  ANNEX I – Technical Rules; Chapter II – Means of Transport; Section 2 – ‘Additional provisions for transport by road or rail’ – Para 2.1 clearly defines:

2.1  Vehicles in which animals are transported shall be clearly and visibly marked indicating the presence of live animals, except where the animals are transported in containers marked in accordance with paragraph 5.1”.

SAV underline and red type above.

Evidence of the failure of ‘clear and visible markings’ on some livestock trailers is yet another example of where the EU has written legislation, in the form of Regulation 1/2005; but effectively, it (the EU) does not wish to ensure that its regulations are enforced by member states.

In his letter back to Mark of 6/5/2013, Mr Van Goethem clearly states at the end of page 1 that:

You alert us to the fact that transports, often do not display notices warning that live animals are being transported.  This is indeed contrary to the terms of the legislation, according to which road vehicles carrying animals ‘shall be clearly and visibly marked indicating the presence of live animals’.”

“This is of course of great importance to ensure the welfare and safety of the animals on board”.

“The Commission sees that it is important that the Regulation is properly implemented.  It is however the member states that are primarily responsible for the daily enforcement of EU legislation, and the Commission would intervene mainly where there appears to be a systemic failure of the competent authority of a member state to enforce adequately the EU Regulation

As of 2016, Dutch livestock transporters using the box type trailers are still being witnessed by UK activists on the roads of the UK, and ARE STILL carrying no signage whatsoever in accordance with EU Regulations.

So, we have to ask exactly what Mr Van Goethem and his ‘team’ are actually doing for the welfare of animals in transport from EU member states.  In our opinion, very little at all; maybe even nothing.  Not particularly good for someone who in his letter of May 2013 to Mark claims to be the ‘Director responsible for animal welfare in the DG for Health and Consumers’ (at the EU).

As you can clearly see in our other recent post, https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2016/06/06/the-eu-excuses-get-more-pathetic-by-the-day-contact-mr-van-goethem-and-show-your-disgust/  and despite utterly clear evidence obtained by Lesley and the team on the Turkish border, the EU Regulation for animals in transport is completely ignored by the ‘Director’ Mr van Goethem; who appears with his response that things just continue as they are and that animals will continue to suffer.

Why Mr van Goethem, have you taken no action either about the lack of clear signage on livestock carrying trailers ?  We have given you the clear photographic evidence, the names of some of the hauliers doing this, and the actual sub para of the EU Regulation which declares that signage is completely important.

Why ?, why are you happy to fail the animals ? – you declare that you are a ‘Director responsible for animal welfare’ art the EU Commission.

Can we make a suggestion – that you practice what you claim to be and that you give a lot more understanding to the lives and suffering of animals in transport rather than just to your retirement pension from the EU !

Yet another reason for the UK groups to get out of the utterly useless EU and to undertake ex EU campaigning for all live animals in transport across the EU.

And more importantly, time for EU ‘importants’ to wake up to the real world; see all their failings and to actually do something about it.  Something we have not seen to date.

Things are very close at the moment – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36271589  – many people wanting out simply because the EU does nothing; talks the talk; fails to enforce and then charges member states millions of pounds each week for not enforcing the regulations.

What would you do in such a situation ?  – support the Van Goethem ‘do nothing’ policy or get out and try to improve the welfare of animals in transport ?



We witness the dictatorship of incompetents!

In June 2012, the then EU Commissioner John Dalli assured us all to pursue the will of the 395 MEPs until 2014, who signed for a reduction of the transport of animals to 8 hours.
And the will of 1,100,000 EU citizens who had signed the petition.
In June 2012, Dalli disclaimed his promise.

To date, 6 years after, Dalli goes unpunished.
A MEP cannot nullify his promise without consequences, just because it fits him like that.
Unless he suffers from dementia or is corrupt.
Both very poor properties to direct the Office of Health and Food.

Dalli is out, a new is here!
His name is Mr. Van Goethem or perhaps Mr. Andiukaitis, or even Mr. Hogan.
No one knows, because no one is responsible for anything.
The only thing we know with certainty that all can nothing.
It would be enough if they bring the 8hours campaign to an end, as a sign of fairness and restitution.
If they had corrected the EU bad reputation in animal welfare because of the Dalli affair.
If they had abolished the shameful Transport Regulation from 01/2005, we would not accuse the EU of being responsible for medieval barbarism in animal transport.
We do not ask that they do all this because of love for the animals, but because animal welfare is in their contract, and because they get a turbo salary.

Clearly, we are experiencing the dictatorship of incompetents!
When conducting talks with MEPs, you are at the end after half an hour.
You sit opposite to merciless, disinterested and stupid janitor, with nice white shirts. And one wonders what they’re doing there.
Besides earning a lot of money, of course.

Both Mr. Van Goethem and Mr. Andiukaitis would gain a higher reputation, if both would give up her job.
Both are not able to lead a responsible animal welfare policy.
In whose hands lies the future of animal transport?

In those of the incompetents, the washouts, the clueless.
We need a new European model.
For humans and animals.