Russia: First Watch the Video, Then Sign The Petition For Dogs and Cats in Russia.

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Please sign the petition for the dogs and cats in Russia, thank you.

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UK: Map Proves UK Is Ready To Wave EU Goodbye – Van Goethem And Others Have Failed The Animals.


But as Mr Van Goethem and others will NOT enforce EU Regulations, it seems there is only one option left:

REVEALED: The map that PROVES Britain is set for BREXIT in EU Referendum




England: New Dolma Website Launched – The Very Best ‘Smellies’ Without A Hint Of Cruelty.



Approved by the Vegan Society, BUAV, Animal Aid, Dr Hadwen Trust, and Naturewatch for meeting their cruelty-free standards.

SAV Comment – Dolma aftershaves and lady perfumes are lining our shelves and are in everyday use by us – superb vegan smellies without a hint of animal cruelty.  Their products are pretty amazing ! – get some !!


We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new Dolma perfumes and aftershaves website.

The Dolma cruelty free pledge

Dolma is dedicated to producing fine fragrance that doesn’t harm a single animal.

When people discover the origin of the ingredients in their well-known brand of fragrance, they are appalled.

We want our fine fragrance to be 100% cruelty-free.

Nature’s finest ingredients, Earth’s kindest fragrance

We are a nation of animal lovers – 13 million, 46% of UK households have pets. We feel that the testing and use of animals in perfume and cosmetics is intolerable.

We pledge to continue supporting non-animal testing and using non-animal derived ingredients when we produce our beautiful fragrances.

Like you, we believe animals should be free to live their lives without experiencing pain, suffering or exploitation.

Our suppliers share the same beliefs and each ingredient is verified before we buy.

This means you can be confident your favourite fragrance is cruelty free:

We do not test on animals

We use no animal-derived ingredients, and

We have no association with companies who do so.

We can do this because we are an independently owned business.





Australia: Animals Killed Using Sledgehammers, The Live Export Industry and GUTLESS Australian Politicians !


SAV Comment – We think it is clear from this site our views on the live animal export trade.  Here again we hear of pathetic whines from the Australian government and talk of yet another full investigation – how many of these have we endured from gutless politicians over the years ?

The evidence will continue to be shown; animals will suffer unnecessarily and the trade will probably continue – all due to a totally immature and inadequate government.  What are they being bribed with, and by whom, you have to ask, to keep the trade of cruelty open ?


He cowered in fear. Then, they sledgehammered him to death.

Dear Mark,

Tonight, our latest cruelty investigation was broadcast on national TV — and it sent shockwaves across the country. Our undercover investigators have put their own lives on the line to again expose the nightly horrors faced by animals exported live to Vietnam. I have no wish to burden you with the upsetting details, but one animal’s struggle will stay with me forever. He saw his mates ‘processed’ before him. He knew what was coming.

As I watched the video evidence of this sickening night unfold, all I could hope was that his death would come swiftly. Tragically, the reality for countless animals exported to Vietnam is that their deaths will not be swift. Some will suffer multiple, agonising blows with a sledgehammer before finally succumbing to oblivion in a filthy slaughterhouse, so many miles away from home. What makes their suffering even more difficult to bear is the knowledge that our government is completely aware of the terror that awaits so many animals exported to Vietnam. And has issued permits to live exporters to ship them anyway. Mark, these animals need your help, today. As you read this, thousands of gentle animals await live export to Vietnam. The only thing standing between them and the possibility of being sledgehammered to death is the number of people who step up on their behalf.

Be their voice »

By helping us to expose the evidence and by supporting the brave work of our investigations unit, you can help protect animals from harrowing cruelty. On behalf of animals, thank you.

Lyn White AM Campaign Director


Dear Mark,

The live export atrocities continues, this time in Vietnam with the sledgehammering of Australian cattle.

This cruelty must stop.

Tell our politicians that it’s time to make a commitment to:

End the live export of animals for slaughter in favour of a meat export trade

Immediately remove the regulation of live export from the Department of Agriculture to an independent authority

Re-establish the Australian Government’s leadership role in animal welfare.

‘Australian cattle’ being bludgeoned to death in Vietnam sparks Government investigation

Workers in Vietnamese abattoirs have been filmed bludgeoning what appears to be Australian live export cattle with sledgehammers.

Key points:

Animals Australia described the vision as profoundly distressing

Ear notches and animal behaviour suggest the cattle are from Australia

The abattoir in question has been suspended from receiving cattle

The Federal Government has ruled out a live export ban

The Federal Government launched an investigation into the apparent breach of the live export regulation after they were shown the footage by animal welfare group Animals Australia last week.

The ABC has obtained the vision filmed by undercover investigators hired by Animals Australia.

Warning: Vision in this story may disturb some viewers.

One of the videos shows a worker clubbing a cow over the head five times with a sledgehammer before it falls to the ground.

The man then hits the cow a further four times before it finally dies.

“I thought I’d seen it all, and I haven’t,” Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White said.

“It’s profoundly distressing and unnecessary and preventable and we shouldn’t forget that it’s been happening on a nightly basis since we [Australia] opened this trade in Vietnam.”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce ruled out a live export ban, but said action would be taken.

“Immediately when we found out about this we went straight into action,” he said.

SAV Comment – well bully for you brave man !

“The Department [of Agriculture] has been working closely with the industry, the abattoir has been suspended from receiving cattle, we are investigating this process but further action needs to take place and will take place.”

Australian Broadcasting Corporation …

Animals Australia said they visited 13 slaughterhouses in North and Central Vietnam.

“Only two met Australian requirements for approved abattoirs,” Ms White said.

She described the vision as “the most shocking” she had ever seen when asked to compare the gravity of the conditions with those exposed in Indonesia by the ABC’s Four Corners program in 2011.

The meat workers, who were secretly filmed, told the undercover investigators that the cows being slaughtered were from Australia.

The cows also have distinctive ear notches which are unique to Australian cattle.

They also have holes in their ears, suggesting electronic national livestock identification tags have been removed.

“They know that the ear tags are not meant to be in the animals at these locations so there’s quite deliberate corruption of the system that’s going on that has meant that Australian cattle are ending up in these traditional slaughterhouses,” Ms White said.

This is the second time Animals Australia has captured footage of what appeared to be Australian cattle being slaughtered with sledgehammers in non-approved Vietnamese abattoirs.

Animals Australia said it chose not to publicly release that vision last March, but instead took it to the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC).

Ms White claims she was promised a response within six weeks, but has not heard from the industry body since.

She said she decided to make the vision public this time to pressure the live export industry to act.

“The Australian public needs to be aware of the risks that Australian animals are still facing, that these regulations are not working and are not working because no one is being made accountable when they breach them,” she said.

ALEC chairman and former Labor leader Simon Crean admits the council did not respond to Animals Australia’s concerns last year.

He said the industry implemented reforms to address animal welfare concerns.

“We have committed ourselves to the introduction of people on the ground, to training programs, the implementation of CCTV cameras, all of the tracing and tracking procedures,” he said.

“We have been constantly engaged, the investment by the industry in this respect has been huge.”

Mr Crean viewed the footage of the cattle being killed with sledgehammers on Wednesday, and described it as “inexcusable”.

“I’m shattered,” he said.

“This is the very thing that I, along with the industry, have committed to end.

“No animal should have to go through the fear and the pain.

“It’s what we’re committed to eliminate and this just reinforces we’ve still got work to do.”

ALEC chief executive Alison Penfold acknowledged it “seemed” there were Australian cattle in the holding pens of the sledgehammer slaughterhouse.

“The behaviour of the animals gives every suggestion that they’re Australian,” she said.

Through Mr Crean, ALEC announced yesterday it would be cutting off the supply of animals to the facilities under investigation.

“We’ve also determined that if any exporter is in deliberate breach of requirements… we will take every step to ensure they do not supply into the market,” he said.

Feedlot ‘has been suspended twice before’

However, Mr Crean said suspending trade, as the Labor government did to Indonesia in 2011, would be a mistake.

“What we want to do is to lift the standards across the industry and Australian commitment is world-best practice in this,” he said.

“[It’s] not perfect, but it’s just world-best practice.”

However, Ms White said she had little faith in the industry.

“The feedlot that they have suspended has been suspended on at least two occasions before,” she said.

“That this is still occurring despite CCTV, despite exporter supply chain officers being there, just goes to show that the system has been corrupted.”

The Department of Agriculture has viewed the footage and has launched an investigation.

“The footage… depicts abhorrent and indefensible treatment of cattle at an abattoir not approved to receive livestock exported from Australia,” the department said in a statement.

“A thorough investigation of this evidence has begun.”

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