England: Worldwide – Sign Up For The ‘Animals Are Not Freight’ Day Of Action In August – Full Details Given Below.



No matter where in the world you are, you can make a difference for live animals in transport.  They ARE NOT freight.  Support the crew at CIWF by signing your team / group/ whatever ? for the day of action in August.

Full contact details for Kate and a link to the new website are included below.  Regards SAV.

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animals not freight

Name: Kate Fowler

Email: kate.fowler@ciwf.org.uk

Website: http://www.ciwf.org.uk


Dear Friends, The worldwide Animals Are Not Freight day of action (August 29th) has been joined by 33 groups in 23 countries.

And it’s not too late for you to pledge your support, too. The website is almost ready to be made public, but I can share it with you now: http://notfreight.org/wp/

animals not freight

All we ask is that you commemorate the day in some way, such as: * Social media posting * A photo stunt for the media * A demonstration * A vigil for the animals who have died And we will put your event / action on the website, and your logo on the front page.

This is a day when groups around the world will come together to oppose long distance animal transport. Can you join us?

Kate Fowler


Groups in these countries have confirmed they are taking part: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, India, Iraq, Italy, Israel, Liberia, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & USA.

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I Feel – Music For The Animals.


It all started while I was working with abused children in grouphomes. There, I witnessed the severity of emotional pain and suffering and helped the young generation express their pain and heal through hip-hop music – by running a music therapy program for abused children.

Abused animals are much like abused children.

They hurt. They suffer. They cry. They show their teeth when they are forced in a corner and pushed beyond their limits. They feel, they laugh, they love. Just because they cannot express themselves in a way that the world can easily understand it does not mean they are dumb, unemotional and undeserving of normal life.

They deserve freedom, dignity and love as much as anyone else on this planet.

I speak for the animals but also for all those who care about them. There are many of us who love animals and take action to help them. We refuse to view animals as human property. We don’t eat animals, we feed them. We don’t abuse animals, we protect them. And we do our best to stop those who hurt them. We respect animals’ coexistence with us on this planet. 

We feel them.