A View From Germany.


Switzerland, never a member of EU, decides to leave!!!

A week before the referendum of the Britten, a country leaves the EU, although it never was a member of it.
Since 1992, Switzerland’s application was on hold, now Switzerland will withdraw its application.

In the aftermath of the vote, Switzerland will give formal notice to the EU to consider its application withdrawn, the country’s foreign minister, Didier Burkhalter, was quoted as saying by “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”.

Switzerland’s longstanding application to join the EU has not had a significant impact on the country’s politics for more than 20 years, as its accession negotiations have been suspended since 1992 in the wake of a referendum to join the European Economic Area, when the Swiss voted down the idea of closer ties with the EU.
Only “a few lunatics” may want to join the EU now, said Thomas Minder, counsellor for the state of Schaffhausen.

In addition, Switzerland would not be a “good” EU member.
Because only two categories of partners are of interest to EU.
Either the powerful or the weak.
The very weak are the top of all!!
Serbia and Romania, for example.

Switzerland, a country with one of the best income worldwide, with the best animal welfare, with a strong currency, is not attractive.
A country where the animals have lawyers (Canton Zurich) and where live animal transport is banned throughout the country.
A “problematic” partner who could threaten the Empire of Germany and France.

Switzerland does not want to be in the EU.
The same should be right for England.



Berlin is very concerned!
The Merkel-understanders of journalistic world, the magazine “der Spiegel” has provisionally shut down the alarm tactics and has high hopes for alms cry:
“Please don`t go” stands on its front page !!
Even if you would not even read the “der Spiegel” in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and holds it for a cooperation partner of the German Government, you’ll be curious about this begging to the Britons!

Why sentimentality?
Why kneels Germany before the Britten and begs him to stay in the EU?
Because the German have always liked the English? -No!
Because the German respect Englishman? -No!
Because the German hold the Englishman for equal EU partner? – No!
Germany needs a strong partner against France.

Germany needs a strong partner for Germany to strengthen his power even more in the EU.
Germany needs England to share the refugee problem with England.
Germany needs a strong country to share the problems that it itself has caused in the EU!!

Short and clear: Germany needs a reliable partner, to secure and strengthen the superiority of exploiters in the EU.
Germany begs for cooperation partners for the better exploitation of human beings and animals in the EU.
Without England Germany remains the bogeyman in EU, and that makes Germany more unpopular by the day.
And the EU superfluous.

We do not need more exploiters.
We need the Brexit.
And later an All-Country exit from the EU.