Venus Response – Thank You.

For the second time I got an automatic reply mail to the petition ” Quail farming in the EU: End the Cage Age”.

Since December 2014 every EU citizen must be registered in the Transparency Register, before his case sees the desk of some MEPs.

Justification: “Transparency also makes a decisive contribution to encourage European citizens to be more actively involved in the democratic life of the EU”.
My participation in this petition never entered to Mr. Andriukaitis.

My concern, to protection of some animals which still live in the concentration camp was not important for Mr. Andriukaitis.
Him and the EU are interested only and primarily in registering my person in the archives of the EU.

Animal welfare has been archived before it was practice.
And Mr. Andriukaitis and the EU AG (where he belongs) call it participation of citizens in democratic life.
I call that an impertinence.
In reality, it is about a hidden surveillance.
Since the establishment of the register in 2014 only 8,000 entities have been entered!
From about 300 million inhabits of the EU zone!
And the rest?
It’s very simple: individuals are sorted out and powerful lobby organizations have access.
This is meant by “register ID number”!!

Every day the EU adopt EU bureaucrats anything without my permission and without my knowledge.
Any attempt to get into dialogue with MEPs lands in monologue.
Under dialogue the EU understands an automatic reply mail, confirming me every time that animal rights cannot exist if human Duties don’t!
And the first (and minimum) requirement of an EU parliamentarian, who earned more than 20,000 euros per month, is the direct contact with his voters.
Otherwise, the 8,000 registered entities of the Transparency Register should by themselves pay the salary of MEPs. And we can spare ourselves the elections.

Especially true for Mr. Andriukaitis: if he actually writes highly transparency, he should first ensure transparency in his office.
The transparency, of which he speaks, looks good only on paper.

Because, since October 2012, after the corruption scandal of John Dalli, the Office for Health and Consumer Protection is under absolute distrust.

We have not forgotten this affair!
Hopefully neither Mr. Andriukaitis!



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