UK: Special Appeal To UK Residents – Vietnam Waives VISA’s For UK Visitors; But Tell Them No Way To Visit Until They Stop Slaughterhouse Abuse.

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 IMPORTANT NOTE – VISA EXEMPTION FOR OTHER NATIONALITIES.  See the following but note timescales is short.

Not just exemption for UK – see the following:

GERM0001  FRAN0001  spain  Italy

The visa exemption for

British, German, French, Spanish and Italian citizens travelling to Vietnam for a period of up to 15 days (single entry and not returning within 30 days) is applied from 01 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.  Up to now, the Embassy has not received any information on extension of this policy.


Further to our recent posts regarding Australian cattle being killed by the use of sledgehammers in Vietnam, we now send out an important message to all UK residents.

We understand from our friends at Animals Australia, that Vietnam wants more United Kingdom residents to visit. In fact, they’ve just waived VISA requirements hoping you do.

They consider UK visitors important – so we need UK residents to act now.

The Vietnamese government will be very sensitive to feedback from you (UK residents) about the brutal sledgehammering to death of animals in their slaughterhouses as exposed by AA.

Our recent post links include:


UK residents can send an e mail to the Vietnamese embassy in the UK, and also to the Vietnamese Tourist Board informing them that (you) will only ever visit nations that have full respect for animals; which does clearly NOT involve the use of sledgehammers for killing as exposed by AA.

Inform the Vietnamese that until they tidy up their act and treat animals respectfully and in accordance with 21st Century procedures, YOU WILL NEVER consider visiting Vietnam regardless of the VISA changes it has currently introduced.

get involved 2Print

E mail the following please:

London Embassy –    

Vietnamese Tourist Board –

The message needs to be polite but a simple one –

abuse animals, no visit.

Change and expect future visits.  Simple !!

we are on your side




One Response

  1. Dear Mark,
    I have seen yesterday a very nice demo before the embassy of Austria.
    It was only five people , so very little, but … what for which passengers!!!
    One of them, Peter Singer is not only known, he is a legend!
    He was invited in Vienna for this weekend (18th-19th Juno) on the occasion of his 70 year anniversary.
    He holds a lecture at the Natural History Museum (NHM) of Vienna with the thema “40 Years of Animal Liberation” and has discussed with Austrian experts.
    One of these experts and very famous activist is Dr.Dr. Martin Balluch, the first from right in the photo.
    Soon in Austria the gate hunting is abolished, and Martin Balluch will be the one who did it!
    This photo went to the media and has made the debate “Australian-Vietnam” widely known, which perhaps many people did not know.

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