UK: David Cameron Quits As Prime Minister – And Animals Across The UK Celebrate !!

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You Did Lose – You Are No Longer Prime Minister !

The Prime Minister David Cameron is handing over to Home Secretary Theresa May – who was sat alongside him on the front bench during the half hour session – after announcing his resignation on 24 June, the day after Britain voted to quit the EU.

Mr Cameron told MPs he had clocked up 5,500 questions during his six years as prime minister, joking that he would leave it to others to decide how many he has answered.

We in animal welfare do not really have many good things to say about Mr Cameron at all.  He is a hunter; wanted to overturn the hunting ban introduced in the UK over ten years ago; he is behind all the killing (culling) of badgers in several counties in the UK – the badger being a ‘protected species’ under UK law; unless you are the government that is, then you can kill them at your leisure !!

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Despite many promises, including written ones from our very own Member of Parliament, there has never been any action to ban the use of animals in UK circuses; despite a public consultation over 10 years ago which saw more than 85% of the British public at the time calling for an immediate ban on the use of animals in circuses.

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To cut a long story short, David Cameron has been no friend to the animals.  We welcome his demise today (13/7/16) when he visits her majesty the queen to officially declare his resignation.  He will be replaced by Theresa May, the current Home Secretary; who will become the new Prime Minister.  We do not currently have much information on her and her views, but we hope that she will be better for the welfare of animals in the UK.


Below – Hetty the fox shows her appreciation to friends at the UK press:

hetty fox




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