NL: Police Training In Poland Reveals Poultry Transporter Abusing EU Regulation 1/20005 (As Usual !).


20.04.2016_PL_poultry truck in violation from NL stopped during our police trainings in Poland (1)

Dear EU and MS authorities, official highway inspectors and police, transporters and NGO colleagues,

During one of our practical training courses for road inspectors in Poland, a livestock truck was stopped. There were several violations to the EC 1/2005. It concerned a poultry truck from the Polish company Lech Drob (they own trucks and a slaughterhouse in northern Poland). The birds on board had been loaded on a farm in the Netherlands. Many of the birds that we could see in the outer rows were dead. The birds were seriously overcrowded (17 per crate instead of the 14 max) and the so-called ” water-system”  was leaking.

Please find here a short vidoe of some footage taken of the birds.
And attached is our report.

The Polish authorities that participated in this training are inquiring further and applying sanctions where necessary to the Polish transporter and we have asked the Dutch authorities to look into the Dutch keeper of the birds (farmer) and catching crew in the Netherlands responsible for the horrible overcrowding.

We do not expect you to do anything, it is just for your information.

With best wishes, on behalf of Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF

Lesley Moffat


One Response

  1. The European Commission with its (until 2014) 27 members is a supranational body, and has functions of the executive in the political system of the EU.
    In other words: it is the “police” of the EU area.
    It is called “guardian of the Treaties”, and makes sure that all EU countries comply with the laws.
    Once a violation is sufficiently demonstrated in animals (the video of Eyes on Animals is not only sufficient, is shocking) it can turn on the EU Court of Justice against a Member State.

    With clear words: In any alleged infringements of European law, the Commission must intervene.
    In this respect Mr. Andriukaitis (and his highly paid assistants) cannot and should not say “we cannot do anything.”
    That’s denial of service, and any worker in the world would be fired if he had said that his employer.
    However, it is common among MEPs!
    Because the EU tolerate constant breaches of contract, and one of them is their shameless inaction against the crap stalls at the transport of animal,s that have been documented with videos.
    The animal rights activists and European citizens have the feeling that in Brussels a caste serves itself shamelessly and without control.

    Who is the employer of MEPs?
    European taxpayers!
    We, European citizens must earn the money. And if the money is not enough, the EU citizens have to tighten their belts tighter.
    We allow these politicians a life of privilege, amenities – and without any control.

    Perhaps only princes live better than commissioners.
    In fact, European Commissioner is a dream job.
    A life of luxury with driver, personal assistant, speakers and many other helpers.
    MEPs, Commissioners and civil servants earn top salaries, without any control over their performance.
    An ingenious business model for lazy, irresponsible, corrupt politicians.
    We can speak of a feudal system, which is based on exploitation.

    A few days I wanted to inform me of “animal welfare in the EU Commission”.
    And on “EU strategy on animal welfare in the EU Commission”, also.
    Then came: “Sorry, the page you wanted, isn`t here”!!!
    At the next European elections, we should say:
    “Sorry, the useful Idiots you want, aren’t here”!!

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