England: UK Government To Debate South Korean Dog Meat Trade in September.

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Dear Mark Johnson,

The UK Parliament in London is going to debate the issue of  “Urge the South Korean Government to end the brutal dog meat trade” following a petition that we had in the UK – .


The debate is scheduled for 12 September 2016.

Once the debate has happened, we’ll email you a video and transcript.

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament






5 Responses

  1. And when will debate and who will debate : abouth all slaughters in general ? There is no difference amoung slaughters, all slaughters must be stopped.Humans are frugivores, animals are persons.No one has the right to kill and no one may use and kill persons. Thanks.

    • It will be debated by the UK government in Parliament in September.
      The aim after the discussions will be to put official pressure from UK onto the authorities / government to take action.
      What other governments are debating the issue of the Dog meat trade in South Korea in their parliamentary sessions – I would really love to know what other governments will be applying national actions on this !

      • That is great, but,I am sorry , it is not enough.Slaughter of all animals must be stopped , that’s it . Who gave us the right to slaughter anyone? anywhere .? If debate will be about all slaughters , and with conclussion that all slaughters must be stopped immediatelly and everywhere- that would be right thing and N.Corea government will be lefted with no contraarguments.Until we slaughter lambs, calves, cows and talk about one species , we will do empty discussions and we will rescue no one. Thanks.

  2. Mark- I expect there will be not only my words, but yours too and voice of many other people, and there are words of many medical doctors. wE musr act together. Together – for the animals and for humans too ..Do you real believe that animals are human food ? There are so many evidence that animals are not human food ( WHO reports about many retrosppective and prospective trials, NutritionFacts, Medical articles in Lancet etc in many medical journals ). We have not the right to be silent. Our voice in this has nothing with patriotism, but has much more higher meaning. Regards Slavica

    • Slavica – I think I have attempted to promote a vegan diet on this site a few times !.
      Yes there is tons of evidence, but is this suddenly stopping the global consumption of animal meat ? – NO. People in the USA for example eat x10 the meat products that they should – we advocate not eating anything but does the message get across ?
      You say about ‘evidence’ and WHO reports etc – which is true; but if they cannot get the world to understand that eating meat is bad for health then who can ?
      If someone wants to take on the action more of promoting a vegan diet, by having the website etc – then I for sure will promote it.
      But will people work together ? – I doubt it.

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