Serbia: ARKA Rehabilitation Centre ‘Banostor’ Shelter Bears Come Out of Hibernation to Give Their Weather Forecast

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For Information: Banostor is a village in Serbia, near to Novi Sad City. 

These bears live in Serbia in the Rehabilitation Centre for Bears of ARKA Serbia.


Dear all,

Just to inform you that today, on 15th February when bears ( according to people believing ) are coming out from ther dens, to see if winter is over, our bears in Banostor also give their “weather forecast”.


According to their behaviour today we can say that winter will last 40 days more.


We really would like not to believe them, but from our experience they are quite good in this weather forecast !


Here are the photographs we took today.




Also, almost all Serbian TV, radio and electronic medias broadcast information that we had prepared for BETA agency, about weather forecast that six bears form Banostor gave yesterday.


The majority of  important daily newspapers printed articles about it too.


We have used this opportunity to incorporate in this information important facts and remind public that bears are confiscated from 1999, that Arka is taking care of them all in Banostor, that thanks to good treatment and proper feeding, the bears are hibernating etc..


This was very good response to latest public information about the export of the three bears to Bulgaria.


Some good people made slide show about this on YouTube


Best regards,

Branka and Pavel – ARKA –  




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