Bear Update 1/8/16.

Serbian Flag


Update 1/8/16.


Regarding our recent post – 

We have had a very productive day today.  We have been operating for 10+ hours so far.  This morning we had urgent live export work to complete, but the rest of the day has been involving further research regarding bears which are kept within Serbian zoos etc,

We have been in constant contact with our partners at  and we have been cross checking independent research and also supplying new links and footage to each other.

Slavica in Serbia has been working very hard as part of the team and she has been giving us additional contact links and addresses for the government etc as we need them.  Everything has gone very well today – it has been very productive.

Because of this there has been no time to add any new posts to the site – sorry but we know you will understand our situation.

There are now a few pictures relating to Serbian bears on the site;!Belgrade Zoo, Serbia/zoom/c1t1b/i151o4z  but after all our work today things should really increase very soon.

We are looking closely into legislation associated with many of the facilities.  We do not want to give anything away at present, but there are many questions to be asked !





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