China: They’re trapped in the world’s saddest zoo – Petition and Actions.


polar bear display china

They’re trapped in the world’s saddest zoo

Dear Mark, It’s been called the “world’s saddest zoo,” and with good reason. Arctic foxes, beluga whales, walruses, a wolf and a polar bear are shut inside tiny, windowless, virtually barren rooms in the Grandview Mall in Guangzhou, China.

These animals are living in conditions so completely removed from their natural habitats that they represent one of the most distressing examples of animal deprivation I have ever seen.

The belugas swim in murky water. The foxes are malnourished and listless. And the polar bear sits silently day after day as shoppers stop to stare at and pose for selfies with him.


Please help us speak up for these poor animals!

Take action now to help close down this horror show and send its inhabitants to a sanctuary.



No animal should ever be exploited for entertainment, but the Grandview doesn’t even come close to meeting any internationally recognized standards. It is devastating to see these animals suffer helplessly with shoppers constantly banging on the glass of their exhibits.

HSI is supporting our Chinese partner groups in their petition to the governor of Guangdong and our friends at Animals Asia Foundation to try to help these animals in desperate need. We have already raised a complaint with a Chinese office, and now we need to add your voice to our call for swift and decisive action.

We can’t just leave these animals to languish endlessly.


Take Action 3

Please sign our petition to re-home them immediately to a more humane and appropriate setting.


Thank you for caring about animals.


Andrew Rowan President and CEO Humane Society International



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