News From Four Paws UK: All Animals In Gaza Hell Hole Zoo Now Rescued.


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Dear Mark

FOUR PAWS rescues all animals from Khan Younis Zoo.
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success 2

SUCCESS. Thanks to your outstanding support, the animals of Khan Younis Zoo have been rescued at last.

The FOUR PAWS rescue team arrived in Gaza on Monday to permanently close the zoo, which has been referred to as the ‘worst zoo in the world’.

Sadly, we were heartbroken to learn that one of the animals, the newborn fawn, passed away before our team arrived – once again highlighting the critical nature of our work in Gaza.

Nonetheless, we are happy to report that the 15 remaining animals, including Laziz the tiger, have now been safely transported across the Gaza border into Israel, onwards to a better life.

But the mission will not be complete until every animal has reached their final destination.

Most of the animals will find a new home at the New Hope Center in Jordan. While Laziz will make the longer journey to LIONSROCK, our big cat sanctuary in South Africa.

Watch this space. We’ll be sending a few more emails in the coming days, documenting the rest of the mission.

Warmest regards,

Saige Jennings

P.S. This mission was only possible because of the kind donations, big and small, of our generous supporters. But our work is never over. Please give today to support this mission and our work with animals around the world.


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