October 4th – The Day of The Animals.


Every year, the same day, the day of the animals.

On this day be mistreated or killed more millions of animals in slaughterhouses, in animal laboratories, in circuses, in fur farms, in the Dachau-Shelters of this world.

We call this “the day of the animals”!

All around us there is a fascist system of destruction, cruelty and murder for animals, which is only comparable to that in the Third Reich.

And we celebrate the day of the animals !!

Lifelong torture, yields and murdering of animals we have legalized.

As meat, fur, leather, test objects, Entertainment ..


Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

The Schick Hall of animals is probably the worst and most terrible thing which ever done by man.

Therefore, I consider this day for the day of the “sham morality”.

Proper empathy about animals does not begin and does not end in one day.

Is a life-long struggle and we know it.

We also know that the empathy for animals is growing with each passing day, we are many who fight.

And only if we stick together, if we put all our efforts together, we can achieve something.


For me the best present for this day came up with the following episode:

In the local newspaper of my city came a read letter from me against animal testing.

The University Hospital will build a new animal testing laboratory and we protest by all means.

I’m at the grocery store, two old ladies stay in front of me and want to pay.

“Have you read the letter against animal testing?” says one of them. “ Came today, it is a super good letter”.

She shakes the newspaper with her hand: “someone must tell the truth”!

I leave the supermarket with the small hope that our struggle can probably change this society.


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