UK: Cracked – Take part in our Weekend of Action, starting on World Egg Day (14 October)!

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Take part in our Weekend of Action, starting on World Egg Day (14 October)!

We need your help! Viva! has gone undercover to show the lives of Britain’s laying hens – the one animal that really does seem to be out of sight and out of mind.

Millions of laying hens churn out eggs day after day in conditions that should shame our country. The battery cage has gone in Britain but the replacement ‘enriched’ cage is a con; a wire prison for 80 birds with just a few square inches of extra space each. The boredom and frustration, the bullying and aggression, remain exactly the same. There is no relief from the desperation; no ability to lead a natural life. And they call it enriched! 

The video from Julia in this following link is well worth a look – SAV.


Footage –

Around a half of Britain’s laying hens are forced to live like this – you can see it for yourself on our website.

Free range sheds are no better; they are so overcrowded that birds may never even leave them. We saw hens with feather loss, dead birds littering the gridded floors, sick and dying birds. All were ‘British Lion Quality’.


These are the reasons we need your help! We’ve produced a brand new leaflet for this campaign. And of course, our excellent resources for helping people make compassionate food choices are always available! Anything you can do to help – showing footage on the streets, door dropping leaflets, getting friends and family to watch our film, a small donation to fund our ongoing campaign – will go a long way to ending the suffering of hens.

Viva web link –



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