Serbia: News From Felix Shelter – More Wonderful Food Has Arrived From Denmark.

Serbian  Flag

felix cartoon 2


We are in a holiday mood, but not because it’s a holiday!

Another load of 100 kg of delicious high quality cat food from Denmark has arrived just in time, as we’d already opened the last sack of kibble we had.



Although this entire week has been rainy, gloomy, wet and rather cold and all of us have been feeling a bit down, the mere sight of this wonderful donation have the Felix kitties beaming with joy!


They immediately insisted on sampling the food they’d received and the crunching sounds of their chewing, coming from everywhere, is music to our ears.


We are boundlessly grateful to the amazing Danish organization UFFAC (United Friends For Animal Care) and their supporters for making today a perfect day for all of the Felix kitties.

Thank you so much, dear friends and the kitties thank you from the bottom of their full bellies!







Thank You Danish Friends ! 

felix spey 3





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