Netherlands: EU / Turkish Live Exports Makes Global News.


EoA June 2

News from our good friend Lesley at EoA, Amsterdam:

Dear friends and supporters,

The animals badly need us. We are confronted with this during every painful inspection. Successes – big and small – are what keep us going. These successes have an impact on the welfare of thousands of animals every day. In this newsletter we would like to share with you the successes that we – thanks to your support – have achieved.

This summer our team was again at the Turkish-Bulgarian border. We saw a number of animals die in the trucks due to dehydration, heat stress and overcrowded conditions. We also saw several heifers give birth inside the trucks. In one case a cow needed a cesarean section. Not only did the calf die during this process, but the cow had to be killed after the cesarean section. Her organs were damaged by the excessive pulling on the calf.

The shocking footage from our investigation has gone all over the world. Television and newspapers in Sweden, Norway, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Turkey all broadcasted the horrors. In Sweden, the images were also seen on the national news together with commentary by the Swedish Minister of Agriculture. He expressed his utmost shock at the conditions for animals on this export route and will discuss the matter at the next Ministerial Meeting. Swedish veterinarians called it “a hell for the animals”. In Germany – where thousands of these cattle came from, the media broadcasted a comprehensive documentary on television of our on-going efforts to help animals at this border and the on-going suffering being tolerated by the EU, Turkey and Member States.

Watch the Swedish show here
Watch the documentary on German TV (ARD) here 
Read the big article on the French news site “Paris Match” here
Read the big article on the Italian news site “Corriere” here
Listen to the Norwegian radio show NRK here
Read the article on the Turkish news site “Sözcü” here


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