Making America Great Again ??? Hmm.




Making America Great Again ! – Like Yeah – How ?,

By Doing This ?


Target: Donald Trump, Sr.

Goal: Denounce the murdering of exotic animals as “trophies” by presidential candidate’s sons.

In a series of sickening photos, Donald Trump’s two sons pose next to the bodies of murdered elephants, big cats, and other exotic animals they shot and killed. Trump himself supports his sons’ participation in cruel trophy hunting, stating that “They love it.”

The “Trump Trophy Hunters” have taken photos posing with the dead bodies of several exotic animals, including an African elephant, a leopard, a crocodile and a buffalo. In the photo with the dead elephant, one of the sons held up the elephant’s bloody tail that he cut off as some sort of sick trophy.

The Trumps have so far gotten off completely free for their murderous treatment of endangered exotic animals. The fact that they not only kill these beautiful creatures, but then take horrifying photos with the dead bodies, is completely sick and twisted. There’s no way this can carry on. Demand the Trump family stop slaughtering rare and exotic animals.



Dear Donald Trump,

Your sons, Donald, Jr. and Eric, have taken photos posing with the dead bodies of endangered exotic animals, including an African elephant, a leopard, a crocodile, and a buffalo, as if they should be proud of the awful murders they’ve committed. You yourself have defended their exotic animal hunting, saying “My sons love to hunt. They are hunters, Eric is a hunter and I would say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf. My other son, Don, is a hunter. They’re great marksmen, great shots, they love it.”

“Trophy” hunting is a cruel and archaic practice, especially when it targets endangered species. We cannot have a presidential nominee who supports the slaughter of helpless animals. Please change your position on trophy hunting and urge your family to stop murdering animals now.


[Your Name Here]


and suffering rabbits –

Trump Must Stop Selling Fur from Suffering Rabbits



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