The Myth of EU Regulation 1/2005 – ‘Protecting’ Live Anmals During Transport.


We are now working more with friends and fellow (anti live export) campaigners at ‘Animals Angels’ which is based in Germany. 

Here is a link to their website:


Find out more about Angels on Wikipedia – 


As many of you are aware, we at SAV have had a real gripe with the EU for many years now, and for not enforcing its OWN Regulation, 1/2005 of 22nd December 2004 on the subject of the Protection of Animals During Transport.

Animals Angels have produced an excellent report regarding the complete myths of enforcement of Regulation 1/2005, which is the EU’s own rules on alleged animal protection during transport.  AA have kindly permitted us to show their report; and we include the link here for you to click and review.


During 2016, AA met with all the Chief Veterinary Officers of all EU member states; trying to convince them to get the EU Commission to take the initiative because there was a refusal to change the law.   Even if we ever get to the point that a new law is drafted, there is risk that some worse provisions will be introduced in favor of the meat industry. They are too close to the EU Commission and animal welfare comes a poor second, as we have exposed with EU animal exports to Turkey for example.


Please have a look at the excellent report on the myths of Regulation 1/2005 by clicking on:


There is a lot of data and information for anyone who wishes to write further on the subject.  We would also encourage people to send the link to their MEP’s; who despite being mainly supportive of modification, are not able to get changes due to inaction by the EU Commission. 

Here are some links to some of our recent posts on the subject.  We are also providing the links to the videos of EU – Turkish live exports; for which the EU inform us they can do nothing despite the Regulation supposedly ‘protecting’ animals during transport.


Video links – live exports of EU animals to Turkey:


Please continue to support our campaign petition for a one off maximum journey time of 8 hours, at:


Thanks and regards;

For those in transport, Mark.





2 Responses

  1. If you fight against live exports, whether it means to fight for the dead export? But I do not understand why you do not fight for a ban on the exploitation and slaughter of sensitive beings who are persons to the same extent as men? also they are not human food.

    • It is impossible to get a ban across entire EU – too much money is involved in farming.
      If it is easy, then why do you not get Serbian government to stop killing all stray dogs ? – because officials are making money out of corruption – money talks and is the main thing with them. Just the same with animal exports. If EU will not even do 8 hours then EU will not do full ban (or even 1% ban) on animals exported. When is Serbia going to write in its constitution that animals are the same as men and must not be killed as they have the same rights ? – just like the constitution says that stray animals must not be killed since 2005. Why then are they still killing strays in 2016 when the constitution says no ? all paper rubbish which means nothing.
      You will never get Serbian constitution changed and we will never stop live exports.

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